Monday, February 21, 2022

Ten Years of Blogging

 Where does time go?  Yes, it has been ten years since I started sewing and blogging.

I want to thank my readers for their time spent with me.  

There were good projects and bad ones, but always a learning experience for me and hopefully you have picked up some tips, I know I have.

My first attempt at apparel was in my first blog, and in fact I still wear it.  A t-shirt made with a pattern and material from a thrift store.


My last shirt.

I started sewing with a Brother XL2600i.  It is a very good machine.

My sewing has included many vintage sewing machines.  Most of them I still have and use.  I have re-donated some back to the thrift store because they have to make me smile.  Who wants to sew with a machine with no personality?

The only machines I have ever named are Alice and Ann.  They both have lots of personality.  They are straight-stitchers.



Another machine I like is the Singer 6268 with embroidery attachment.  It does simple embroidery via plugin cartridges.

Of course, I have to mention my Berninas.  They are so smooth and quiet, with a perfect stitch.  The 707 Minimatic  is so cute, I have it pictured here.

My oldest machine is a 1906 treadle made by White.

I have many more machines, but decided just to mention a few.

A few years ago I started quilting.  I enjoyed going to class until it was cancelled due to Covid.  One quilt I did took two years.  It is my Farm Girl Vintage quilt I did in class.

A quilt top I have done now, but I am waiting for Spring to make into a quilt because I do it in the driveway.


Now working on shirts again.  I should have another blog soon.

Thanks for stopping.