Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back to 1945

I finished my McCall 5863 shirt pattern that was made in 1945.  I used my Singer 404 for the shirt and my Kenmore 1050 for the buttons and buttonholes.  The shirt has flat-fell seams.  Instead of two pleats at the yoke like most shirts, this one has the fabric gathered.  Thanks to my 404's gathering foot, this was a snap. 

I am glad I had my 1959 Simplicity Sewing Book to help me along the way.  The instructions in the pattern were a little brief. 

I thought it would be fun to take my time-machine back to 1945.    

I made it.  Here is my casual look.
A General Store

Think I'll go in

Checking out the building

Less smog to look at in 1945
Going to Church?

Looks like I am on Time


Back to the present time

I like this shirt a lot. I wore it to coffee after my time travels, so I am quite tired right now, time for a rest.

Thanks for stopping.