Saturday, August 23, 2014

Unveiling the Vogue 8719 Jacket

This was supposed to be a wearable muslin, but I decided to put the jacket together in normal fashion since it has some new skills needed. Plus, since it was $1.50 thrift store material I am not out anything.  I am happy with the jacket.  There are a couple adjustments I could make when making this again.

It is something new for me to have a form-fitting jacket.  Since in the past I would buy a size 38 tall in order to have the length in the arms and body.  I did not realize how big size 38 was on me until comparing it to this one.  I never have seen a 36 tall, which this jacket is.
Vogue 8719 Jacket and Pants

The bias-tape was a new skill for me.  I made it myself because the instructions said so.  I do not have a bias-tape maker, but I am glad I have a bias-tape foot for my sewing machine. Being an unlined jacket, the bias-tape finishes the seams nicely.

I decided not to line the arms.  The pattern was supposed to have lined arms, but I put one lining in and thought it made the arm look wrinkly no matter what I did.  I was going to bias-tape the arm holes, but after one attempt over three layers of fabric, I gave up and serged them.  They came out looking nice.
I added two inches to the body and the arms.  Next time I will add another inch(total 3) to the arms, the body seems the right length.

A Little Longer Sleeve Next Time
I will have to figure out the wrinkle under the collar when I make this again.
A Wrinkle Under The Collar
Since I had leftover lining/bias material. I used my rolled-hem foot to make a handkerchief.   This only took a few minutes and I think it adds a nice touch.

After my experience with this pattern for both pants and jacket I give it a thumbs up.  I am not a fan of the instructions and illustrations for the jacket, but I was able to construct it with a little help from the internet and my sewing books.  When a pattern fits and can be put together with  minimum adjustments I am impressed. Even with the things I am pointing out, this is still a wearable jacket.

I don't think I am going to make this pattern again for a while.  I think I am ready to change direction now and come back to making Vogue 8719 in the future.  In fact, my new project is already being laid out.  A t-shirt for Joe.

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Vogue 8719 Jacket Venture Continues

I have been sewing everyday.  I am so enthused about this jacket, that I want to get it finished so I can wear it.  Of course, it will have to get a little cooler first.  It is still 100 degrees here in California.

I don't own an unlined jacket, or a jacket with patch-pockets, so I am looking at the internet for examples of what I am making.

The instructions for this jacket are either for a more advanced sewist, or very vague.  I haven't decided which.  First it was the bias-tape instructions.  They were horrible.  I tried, but ended up making bias-tape my own way since Vogue's way only ended with a mess of fabric strips.  When I make this jacket again, I think I will buy bias-tape.  Also, I was supposed to simply sew on the tape with a regular foot.  If I didn't happen to have a bias foot, I would have never been able to do it.

Then I started the lined-patch-pockets.  My first pockets looked horrible.  After watching some good and bad Youtube videos, I was able to make some nice pockets. This was a good video.  Again, very vague instructions by Vogue.


Pocket Lining





Pocket Close-Up
The collar and sleeves are next.  It should be challenging.

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Vogue 8719 Jacket Venture Has Begun

I bought some beautiful wool-blend suit material at the thrift store.  Enough to do the Vogue 8719 jacket.  It is a a pale lavender color.  I am not sure where I would wear it.  Maybe a garden party or other casual affair.  I haven't worn a suit-jacket for many years, so even if it was a blue or gray, I am not sure where I would wear it.  I also purchased some lightweight plaid material for the bias-binding and the arm sleeve lining.  This is an unlined jacket, except for the arms.

This pattern has numerous pieces for the jacket.

My Pfaff 1469 will do the sewing for this project. This is my first and only Pfaff.  It is certainly a fine machine.

I think it is interesting the pattern calls for the sewist to make his own bias-binding.  I was tempted to buy some bias-binding when I was buying the thread, but decided to go strictly by the pattern instructions.  I did vary a little when it came to attaching the binding.  I used a binder foot.  The instructions wanted the binding simply attached like it was no big deal.  Yeah, right!!

Binder foot attached.

Binding attached.

My only question so far is the long dart in the front.  I am not sure at this point how it will look once the garment is finished.

The pants came out like the pattern picture.  So I am fairly hopeful the jacket will also.

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