Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Bernina-O-Rama, Second Edition

 I did it again.  I admit it has been 5 years, but I found three Berninas on Ebay.  Two are a little harder to find than the third.  

The first is a 717.  It is a flatbed 3/4 machine built in 1971.  I got a deal because it had a cracked cam gear.  Those are readily available and easily replaced.  So I repaired it.  Now it sews a beautiful stitch.  

A manual for it is available from Bernina here.

It is a beautiful machine.  It came with a box of feet and the manual.  It is hard to tell it is over 50 years old.

The second is a 125.  This cute little all metal machine was built around 1953. It is the first zig zag machine.  It uses regular low-shank feet.  I did not realize how small the machine is. I got a deal on this one because it needed the belts replaced.  The belts were a little harder to find, but I ordered them from England and the machine is now sewing great.

A manual is available here.

It came in the original case with a box of feet also.

The third is a 830 Record.  I don't know why, but I was the only one to bid on this machine.  In fact, I was the only one to bid on all these machines.

This machine was triple-boxed and packed wonderfully.  Upon inspection, it needed a belt also.  But this one I was able to get easily on eBay.

It is a beautiful and smooth machine.  It didn't come with any feet, but I have quite a few.  It did come in its red case, table, and knee lifter included.

A manual is available from Bernina here.

It was built around 1977.

I have many Berninas and they all make me smile.

Thanks for stopping.