Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another pants saga begins

I purchased some khaki colored material that will be great to make some pants with.  I bought it at the local thrift store. Only $4 for three yards of material  and 25 cents for the zipper , I won't be too upset if they don't turn out.  I decided to use Simplicity pattern 4760 since it has some decent reviews on pattern review.

When I made the Vogue 8801 jeans, there was not a review on them.  So, I wasn't sure if my problems with them were exactly that, my problems.  But now that there is a review of them on pattern review, I feel better because that reviewer had the same difficulties I did.

These will be a cargo style, so should be fun to make and wear.

Thanks for stopping.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

McCall's 4079 Impressions

I finished my white McCall's 4079 shirt.
I really like this pattern and instructions.  I am sure I will make it again, probably with a short sleeve next time.  I have such a long, narrow build, that I made the shirt in a small with the addition of two inches to the sleeves, and three inches to the overall length of the shirt. I also added a pocket.
 I like the look and feel of this shirt.  The collar is a good size.  The whole shirt looks elegant.

 Made for casual wearing, and tucked-in for a more formal look.
 One thing I like about making my shirts, I can decide where the top button goes.  I like my top button a little higher than most.
This is the first project I used my overedge machine.  It gave the finish a professional look in a matter of minutes.

I enjoyed this project.  Now time to decide on my next.

Monday, July 9, 2012

McCall's 4079 home stretch

My McCall's 4079 is almost completed.  The last few days have been over 100 degrees here in Sunny California, so I stayed inside to keep cool and worked on my shirt.
I need to finish the hem.   Then I am going to use my over-edging machine to neatly finish the seams.
Once that is done, a good wash to get the blue marking pen off, and I will have a new shirt to wear.
My Greist buttonholer worked great for the nine buttons.  I like the button holes it makes so much more than the built in one on my Brother.

I might not get to wear it for a few months until it cools off a little.  Speaking of that, time for a Miller beer to cool off now.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

McCall's 4079 shirt update

I have been moving along slowly on my McCall's 4079 shirt.  It is not the shirt or the pattern, it is me being slow.  Among other setbacks, I ran out of thread and didn't go to the store for a week.

I have the left sleeve basted onto the shirt, checking it for fit.  I added two inches to the sleeve so it would be the correct length.  I also added three inches to the length of the shirt.  I have white buttons for this shirt, hope it is not too much white.
The collar looks great, but I attached it and reattached it more time than I care to admit or remember.
 The shirt has pleats in the back.  First shirt I made with pleats.
 I am happy some of my Zinnias are beginning to bloom.

 Thanks for stopping to see the update.
I am sure I will have it finished before long.