Saturday, August 31, 2013

My "Mini Photo-Shoot"

After seeing how many bloggers do some sort of photo-shoot rather than simply taking a picture of their new creation, I decided I should do one.
However, Since I am not much for imagination, I thought I would start out small.  Thus the "Mini Photo-Shoot"
 Also, this is not a new creation, but an old one.  I am wearing a shirt I made for Joe.  I think it looks good on me and he does too.
Joe wearing shirt

Me playing tourist in shirt

Max getting pets with me in shirt
Joe and Max playing tourist
I realize it is unfair to compare a photo-shoot shirt to a posed picture, but I do look good.
As I said, not much for imagination.  So just playing tourist in my home town.

When I finish my 40s shirt I hope to have a bigger "shoot".

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Man's 1945 Sports Shirt Pattern, Part Two

Deciding to make the McCall 5863 pattern from 1945 started me on a learning trail.  I have started down this trail and I haven't cut pattern or fabric yet.

I decided to take the pattern out of the envelope and trace it on tissue paper.  This is a one size pattern.  It has small only. To my surprise, the pattern was already in pieces.  I thought it was cut.  Then with closer examination I surmised this is the way the patterns from this era came.

There is what the instructions call a "margin" on the pattern that you simply cut through when cutting the fabric.  The "margin" is simply the extra paper around the cutting lines.  Since the "margin" is still intact, this must be an uncut pattern.

Another interesting thing is it comes with both a long and short sleeve pattern piece.  Not like today where one sleeve pattern is included and the user cuts it long or short depending on the type of shirt made.

Pattern as it came out of the envelope.

Hopefully I can find a vintage pants pattern so I will have the 40s look when finished.
I am not sure I have enough "hip" for the look.

I have a 1959 Simplicity book with instructions on making a Man's Sports Shirt.  This should help in the process.  Pretty close to the same construction.  The 40s shirt has a bigger and floppier collar.

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Friday, August 23, 2013

McCalls Shirt Pattern from 1945

I purchased a McCall 5863 shirt pattern from 1945.  A little different for me since I haven't used a pattern from earlier than the 70s.  The instructions are brief but seem straight-forward.  I am going to try out my Singer 404 for this soft-blue cotton short-sleeve shirt.  It should look just like the one on the pattern envelope.

I haven't hemmed the lounge pants for Joe because he will get too hot in this weather if he puts them on.  So I will finish those on the first cool day.

A pound of blueberries was on sale for .98 at the local market, so I made muffins today.  I only mention it because I used an All Recipes recipe to make them and they turned out great.  The only thing I did different from the directions is use half the crumbly topping mixture.

The recipe is here.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My New Additions

I decided to post pictures of my new machines. 

This is my Kenmore 158.10500.  I bought this one at Goodwill several months ago.  I see examples of these "small 158" machines on Ebay all the time.  However, this model I have not seen.   There is no tension knob like the 1030 and the 1040. It has a thumb wheel and the thread slips between two discs under the top.  A small, but heavy-duty machine from the mid 70s with a plastic clam-shell case and all accessories.

My next machine recently acquired is a Singer 404.  It has a wooden case covered in vinyl.  This is a straight-stitch machine built in 1959.  This machine is gear driven and quite a looker and sewer.  The attachments and owner's manual were included.

The next machine is a Free-Westingouse 52F.  It was made around 1950 by the Standard Sewing Machine Company, but badged for Free-Westinghouse.  I have wanted a vibrating-shuttle machine to play with.
This one is 3/4 size and comes in a wooden case covered in blue vinyl.
I am thrilled to have another Free-Westinghouse.  I might have to name this one since it is related to Alice.

Look at the unusual friction drive.

It also has this strange spring drive bobbin winder.  The spring is attached when wanting to wind the bobbin.

My last find I purchased yesterday is a Necchi model BU.  This was also a thrift store find.  I wasn't going to buy any more machines for a while, but this was too interesting to pass.  I did pass on a Singer Touch and Throw and a newer Necchi made in Taiwan.  This one was built between 48 and 50 in Italy.  It has a bent-wood case, the attachments, and the manual.  What a heavy machine!  I am afraid to weigh it, it might break the scale.  It is one of the first zig-zaggers in the US.  I cannot believe how smooth this machine is.  When reading reviews online, all I can find are reviews of high praise. 

Enough of new machines.  Now I just need to decide what machine to use with my next project.

My next blog will be the finish of Joe's lounge pants.

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lounge Pants for Joe and New Machines

This is the first time for a sewing project in a few weeks.  However, I haven't been absent from the sewing world.  I purchased two vintage machines.  I have been busy oiling, cleaning, researching, and adjusting them.

The first one is a Free-Westinghouse model 52f.  It uses a vibrating-shuttle.  I have been wanting a vibrating-shuttle machine to play with, and I like this one very much.

The second is a Singer 404.  I have been wanting a 404 for a while, and this pristine example came along.

I will blog about them in the future.  The blog for today is about some lounge(pajama) pants for Joe using McCalls 5511 for the pattern.

I am making them with some soft cotton-blend material I bought at the thrift store.  I am using my Brother machine and Pfaff serger.  I used both flat-fell and serged seams.  All they need now is the elastic-casing, elastic and to be hemmed.  I'll need to take a few measurements of Joe and then I will be able to finish them.

Here is a peak at them.


Here is the team used today.

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