Sunday, December 11, 2016

Sewing Regress

The 70s jacket is on hold for a while.  I need to rip out and put in a larger collar.  My excitement fizzled.  So I decided to move on to another project.

I am making a plaid flannel shirt for Joe with some snuggle flannel.  I am thinking this will be nice to wear around the house since it is so soft.

I am using Simplicity 1544 in size 40.  When I first used this pattern last year, there weren't any reviews on  Now there are several glowing reviews.

I had a regress with my shirt making.  The tower sleeve plackets turned out square, not pointed, even with the help of this Video by Pam Howard.  Also, the plaids aren't lining up like they should.  I guess it being a year since I have made a shirt, this is normal.

Cuff and placket

Yoke plaid off a little

Front looks good
The only things left are the collar and buttons. It will be interesting to see the outcome.

I am using my Singer Confidence 7470 on this project.  It is fun to use vintage and newer machines to compare humms, stitches, and ease of use.  This machine whirs instead of making the standard clack-clack like my older machines.

I am serging the seams with my brother 534

The finished shirt and a new sewing machine will be in my next blog.

Thanks for stopping.