Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Burda 128 Jacket Debut

Burda 128 has been hanging in my sewing room for a whole month just waiting for its debut.  I finally decided to show it so I can call it finished and get on to a different project  I am not completely satisfied with it, but feel I am getting closer to something I would wear in public.

It was sewed with my Kenmore "95".  I really enjoyed sewing with this straight-stitch machine.  The buttonhole attachment did not have the correct size buttonhole, so I sewed them with my Brother SE270D .

Kenmore 117.959

Brother SE270D

I started with this Burda pattern because it was unlined and I thought it would be great for my trip to Mexico a few months ago.  It didn't make the trip.  This is my second try at this pattern.  I think with different interfacings, the third one would definitely be very good.  But I am burned out on this, and decided to try a different pattern for my next project.

Now that I know more about interfacings, shoulder pads, sleeve heads, mitered sleeves, and so many other things that it takes to make a jacket, I am glad I worked on this project.

My next jacket is going to be quite different from this style.

It should be interesting!

Thanks for stopping.