Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Getting Closer to a Wearable Jacket!

I have been working on jackets since December.  I haven't made one work until Butterick 6022 from 1988.  Even though it is very simple, it fits me.  This pattern is size small, I lengthened the sleeves, but not the body.

Should I look for more Eighties patterns?  I think this was a fluke, so probably not.  Since this era of pattern is noted for being over-sized.

I used a cotton twill fabric I bought online from Fashion Fabrics Club.  A little prone to wrinkles, but looks nice.

 I made lined pockets, flat fell seams, and added interfacing to the cuffs.  There was a choice to use shoulder pads, but I think it looks better without.  Also, this jacket has no chest padding.

 Even though this pattern has "very easy" on it, I am happy I have had experience with jackets, since they are not easy.  This did go together in a week, so rather quick for a jacket.

I sewed this with my Wilson Rotary Sewing Machine (made by White).  This showed me again how great, vintage straight-stitch machines handle any job.

Here I am in a total made by me outfit.

I think this is definitely wearable.  A little adjustment to the facing to prevent the front from curving in and a little material taken out of arms would perfect this pattern for me.

I have not decided what my next project will be, but it might be another jacket,  with a lining and a chest piece.  I will be sure to share some of the techniques I have learned.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I am a Glutton for Punishment

My Neue Mode Coat 22424 is completed.   I have decided since I have made three jackets and over a dozen muslins, maybe more, since December, I am a glutton for punishment.  Or maybe just biting off more than I can chew.  I hate clich├ęs,  but these fit.

The hours put into this jacket mania have taught me quite a lot about fitting in general.  Plus how much knowledge and experience is needed to make a jacket.
So, I can look at the positives about this experience.   Even though the results have not been too pleasing

I think another jacket project would probably have the result I am looking for.  All my jackets have pluses and minuses. Maybe I can put all the pluses together.

Version 1

Version 2
The version I just finished is actually a coat.  The only padding is the shoulder pads.  Also, it has a full lining instead of being non-lined like the other two.   It is a different pattern from the first two, but since it is part of my jacket era, I am calling it version three.

Before lining

Some tweaking of the lapels, collar,  and a little stiffer interfacing would make it better, but I am finished with this pattern.

Here is Vogue 8719 I made almost two years ago, August 2014.  Now I realize that was a good pattern.  I had no experience with jackets at all, and this turned out good for a first attempt.  I might try this pattern again.

Vogue 8719

I found three great jacket sewing tips I used in one video. Collars, sleeves, and welt pockets.  Watch it Here.

I am thinking of another jacket project.  Butterick 6022 promises to be "very easy" on the envelope.  This time it will be the simplest pattern, so I should have success.

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