Tuesday, May 12, 2020

A Shacket for Joe, Part two

From my last blog, I am continuing my construction of a a shacket for Joe using Simplicity 1328.

I sewed on the two top pockets using my Wilson Rotary sewing machine.  I used a buttonholer attached to my Wilson to make the buttonholes in the flaps.

Instead of the lower patch pockets, I added welt pockets like my shacket.  I didn't keep good notes about the pockets, so I measured my shacket to see where to put them.  First I watched this Video to refresh my memory.

I cut out two 8" by 6" pieces of material and interfaced them.

Then I folded them right sides together,  making them 8" by 3" .  I sewed 5/8" from each side.

 I turned to form the welts.

With seam allowances included I measured the openings should be 4 3/4 inches from bottom edge, and 3 5/8 and 7 1/4 from sides.

Pocket openings marked
Pocket bag and welt sewed to outside

Inside when finished

Outside finished

So far it is looking good.  I had Joe try it on to see if it will be the right size.  He likes it.

Now it needs lining, collar, cuffs, button placket, and hem.

Time to start sewing.

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Monday, May 4, 2020

A Shacket for Joe, Part one

I have a gray shacket I wear a lot.  It is made out of a cotton herringbone  I bought from Joann's.  I made it with Simplicity 1328 with some changes.   My version has welt pockets and is lined.

Simplicity 1328
My version
By checking my old blogs, I found I made this in April 2017.  So, it is interesting Joe waited until today when we were walking the dogs to say he wanted a jacket like mine.

My shacket was made in size small with two inches added to the sleeves.  I think a large will fit Joe fine.

A trip to Joann's was necessary.  Luckily their shirting was on sale.  I bought a blue herringbone that Joe approved.

Since I used Berninas making my last projects, I decided to break away and use one of my "White" sewing machines.

My Wilson Rotary comes to mind instantly.  It is a straight stitch machine made by White.

Just a little preview of my next project.

Thanks for stopping.