Friday, February 24, 2017

Continuing Education

I purchased the Craftsy class "Sew faster, Sew better :shirt making" with Janet Pray.  This class gives some tips, like how to sew without pins, sewing a tower placket, and others, plus it includes a printable man's shirt pattern. I have used some of these tips to make my Simplicity 1493. My next project will be with the Islander shirt included with this class.

I made a size small Simplicity 1493 with two inches added to the sleeves, thinking it would be sized the same as the Simplicity 2741 I made in my last blog.  However, it is a slimmer fit.  This works nicely with the lightweight cotton I used, I would make a medium if I used a heavier material next time.
Admiring my CE 150

Aqua Cotton

Sewing the pocket with a 1/4" seam allowance was one of the class tips, and it worked great.  I also liked using interfacing in the pocket fold.

Another tip is to take one diagonal stitch when sewing the collar points.  This does make a nice point. Don't ask me why.

I made the tower sleeve plackets from the Islander shirt pattern.  They are made in one piece, and one of the simplest methods  I have seen.  A little more practice and I will be able to make nice ones.

I am still using my Singer CE150, I enjoy it a lot. One of the tips is to use a machine with the needle-down stop position to keep your stitches lined up after stopping.

I enjoyed this class a lot.  I took it for the "Sew Better" part, but thoroughly enjoyed it all.  Some previous shirt making skills are needed for this class.

My next blog will be the Islander #228 shirt which was included with this class.

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Snow and Sewing

Time just flew by last week even though I was fighting a terrible cold and had also been snowed in for ten days.

Yes, a freak snow storm dropped 6 inches on Friday, then another 6 inches on Sunday.  We were not able to drive to town until the following Monday.  We had plenty of food and the power was only off for 12 hours, so we did not have it bad.  In fact, I finished this shirt.

I sewed many hours on my blue flannel shirt this week with my Singer CE150 while watching the snow.  I used Simplicity 2741 and added two inches to the arm length.
Simplicity 2741
As mentioned in previous blogs,  I made three different plaid shirts before making this blue one.  The first three were wearable muslins.  I used snuggle flannel for them, but real flannel for this one. Snuggle flannel has the plaid printed on instead of being woven in, thus less expensive.



Yoke on bias

Dixie enjoying snow

I cut the yoke on the bias.  Everything else I lined up.

I have worn this shirt several times.  It is soft and comfortable.

I am planning on a solid blue shirt with Simplicity 1493 for my next project. It is similar to this pattern.

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