Monday, December 25, 2017

A New Adventure in Sewing, part 2

Last time my quilt was starting to form, I had cut my strips and sewed them into groups of three, alternating white on inside and outside.

I sewed two of the strip sets together to form a tube.

Then I took my 12" square ruler and cut the tubes on the diagonal with the ruler's center line on the seam.

Then I cut alternating triangles for a total of 6 per tube.

I then opened up the triangles to turn into quilt blocks.

I had 36 blocks.

I arranged the blocks into a design.

The blocks were sewn together by rows with a 2 1/2" strip, called a sash, between each block.  I did this for all six rows.

Then the horizontal rows were assembled together with  2 1/2" sashing and 2 1/2" borders around.

Now my quilt top is done.  Next I have to attach the batting and bottom fabric to make my quilt.

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Saturday, December 16, 2017

A New Adventure in Sewing

It was strongly suggested by a friend I be more sociable and get out of the house more often.  I decided taking a sewing class would fit the suggestion nicely.  However, since I live in a rural area, a town of 104, classes aren't easy to find.

I did find a place called MIY Studio in a nearby town that teaches quilting.  I went to the studio to find times and classes, but was quickly discouraged when told the earliest new class is in February.

Not wanting to wait, I quickly started scouring the internet for any information on quilting.  There is a mountain of information, but I wanted more of a classroom setting.  So I quickly turned to Craftsy for a beginning quilt class.

I found Learn to quilt: Cozy throw quilt.  I quickly printed out the list of supplies needed and watched Amy Gibson explaining the quilt we would make.

I went to Joann's to purchase the needed fabric for the top of the quilt.  I found jelly rolls on clearance for $5.  Being I need 2 1/2" x 42"  strips of fabric in different colors, which is what a jelly roll is, this worked out perfect.  I did learn these are junior jelly rolls because they have 20 strips of fabric, whereas a jelly roll has 40 strips.  I bought three of them, then discovered for the 60" x 60" quilt in this class, one roll would be enough.

Junior jelly roll

Some of the Junior jelly roll unrolled
2 1/2" strips

I then bought 4 yards of white fabric to cut into 2 1/2" strips.  I did not pre-wash any of the fabric.

Using my Bernina 1001 I sewed the strips together in groups of three.  For a total of 12.
Some of the finished strips sets.

Next time I will turn these strip sets into blocks for my quilt.

I went to Joann's and MIY Studio, so I did get out of the house.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

Mimi G Style by Simplicity

It is rare to find a new menswear pattern that doesn't involve pajamas.  When Joann's had $1 Simplicity patterns, I bought Simplicity 8427.  This is a dress shirt pattern by Mimi G Style.

This is a fitted shirt. It comes with two collar styles(club and pointed) and two cuff variations(barrel and french).  I made a pointed collar and barrel cuffs.  The only adjustment I did to the size 38 pattern was add two inches to the sleeves.  This is definitely a slim fit, because I normally where a size 36. I used turquoise flannel for it.

I watched the Mimi G Sew along for this shirt on Youtube to refresh some shirt sewing techniques in my mind.

I used my Bernina 1001 to sew this shirt.  I also used it for  the buttonholes since it sews both sides in the same direction, not one forward and one reverse.  In other words, it has a six step manual buttonhole.  It makes nice, balanced buttonholes.

I like this shirt, I know it is a business shirt and should look great in a plain cotton also.

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Thursday, November 2, 2017


I need to stay off eBay and shopgoodwill.  I purchased not one, not two, but three vintage Berninas last week, with two arriving the same day.  Since I bought one a few weeks ago, this makes four in a month.  I guess it is true that "everything comes in bunches".

I bought the 1011 a few weeks ago.  It is a wonderful machine that purrs.  I made my KwikSew jeans with it.  I bought one of these a few years ago, but it was packed horribly and arrived smashed.  With eBay's help, I received a full refund.

The 1011 has a beautiful stitch and is quiet.

The second is a 1001 I bought on shopgoodwill.   I took a chance because it was advertised as "not tested".  But since it is a Bernina, I knew it would operate fine.  It didn't come with a bobbin case, but I obtained one through Amazon.


The 1001 has a rotary hook.  It is really quiet and makes a beautiful stitch.

The third, but the one I was most anxious about is a Bernia 1120, a computerized machine.  It was advertised on eBay as parts or repair, but the seller did say it powered on and the needle went up and down.  I decided to take a chance for the price. Especially since the extension table and the case were included.


What a honey!  The 1120 is so smooth and quiet with a beautiful stitch.

The fourth is one I have wanted for along time.  It is a 910.  Just like the famous 930, but with a blue face plate and fewer decorative stitches.  It was also on eBay as parts or repair.

Smooth doesn't even start to describe this machine. It also has needle up/down by tapping the foot pedal.

I also have several other vintage Berninas.

Ugh!   I think my SMAD(Sewing Machine Acquisition Disorder) has just turned to BAD(Bernina Acquisition Disorder).

Hopefully my BAD will be in remission for a while now.

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Keeping busy with KwikSew 3504

I decided to make a pair of jeans using KwikSew 3504 .  But first, I made a pair of shorts using the sage-green twill I had in my stash for a wearable muslin.   I made size medium and the shorts were loose, but after washing and wearing several times, they fit fine.  So, medium with 4" added to the straight leg is what I made.

I gave my Singer 338 to the Hospice thrift store after making the shorts with it.  I rarely used this machine, so I hope someone will.

I used my Bernina 1011 to make the jeans, including the topstitching.

I used the embroidery attachment with my Singer 6268 and cartridge 8 to make the little design on the pockets.  

I used my Brother 523 to overlock the edges of the leg seams.

The instructions for this pattern are thorough and very good.  The installation of the zipper is different then I have done before, and is quite good.  The only thing I did different is put interfacing in the waist band because I used lightweight denim.

Here is a front view showing the rivets.

Here is the back view showing the embroidery.

Here is an inside view showing the pockets and zipper.

And now, the photo shoot.  The hems are basted until I wash them a few times to see how much shrinkage will happen.

Now after being washed twice here is the result.  The hems still basted until one more wash.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Old Friends

I have written many times about my "go-to" shirt pattern being Simplicity 7330.  This pattern has a choice of a notched collar or a collar with stand.  It is like an old friend that I am comfortable with and like having around.

I have written in length about my sewing machines also.   I like all machines, but I have found among the smoothest I have are the ones called Bernina.  I have tried the new Berninas at the store, but my newest is a 1011 which is 30 years old.

So for my latest projects, I had some comfortable old friends help me.  My Simplicity 7330 and my Bernina 1011.

I made the medium size with a blue cotton from JoAnn's.  I like a firm collar, so I interfaced both collar pieces.

Then I decided to have another old friend, my Singer 6268, help me to make a shirt with a sheet.  One thing I did different this time is use the straight stitch needle plate with the straight stitch foot.   This made a real difference in keeping the topstitching straight.

Simplicity 7330 was used, but I inserted darts in the back like Islander #228.

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Friday, August 18, 2017

Birthday Shirts

To celebrate some birthdays, my niece and nephew took us to Morton's steakhouse.

Both a happy and a sad occasion.   The last time we went to Morton's was in 2012.  This time the attendees were  the same, minus my father who passed away in January.
Dressed up for dinner in 2012
Dinner 2017.  Me, mom, Melissa, Chase, Joe, and Joe

For the occasion, I decided to make a dress shirt to wear.  Since we have been having 100 degree days, a short sleeve was needed.
I used the Islander 228 shirt pattern I used before,  with the shoulders adjusted to small on a medium pattern.

I made two shirts, both cotton, one baby blue and one in a pale green with stripes.  I wore the blue shirt and Joe also wore a made by me shirt to dinner.
Blue shirt

Green shirt

Joe in Simplicity 7330

I used my Singer 404 for the green shirt.

I used my Singer 6268 for the blue one.

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