Friday, July 21, 2017

Sage Shacket

When I was at Walmart I found cotton twill material for $1 a yard that I thought would make perfect muslins.  However, I quickly decided this sage green material would make a nice shacket.

Last time I made KwikSew 3251 I thought it fit perfect, except for the shoulders were too large.  In my last blog, I adjusted the pattern for this project.  

The sleeves seemed wrinkly to me, so I adjusted and readjusted, but decided I was over thinking it, and went ahead with the shacket.

I found two good articles on adjusting sleeves.  One is a Craftsy and the other is a Threads article.

I used my Singer 15-91 for all the sewing.  This machine is truly a gem.  The gear drive motor is smooth and strong.  It was given to me by my mom's friend.

I decided a matching top stitching thread would be perfect for this color.  I also decided to serge the seams.

I have enough sage twill for a few more projects.  Maybe a shirt, pants, or ....

Thanks for stopping.