Thursday, October 15, 2015

Embroidery Time!

I enjoy using my embroidery machines.  It is fun to see designs come to life on fabric.  This time  I am making two tote bags and also embroidering some towels to donate to the Amador County Artists Association for their annual art auction fundraiser.

The main theme of my donation is wine because the Artists are holding a Wine Fest in which people wander through town tasting wine, then once they are feeling happy they get to bid on donated items to raise money for the arts.

I purchased some hand towels from the local box store. After washing them I embroidered wine themed art on them using my Brother SE270D.  This was a mixing of free designs from the internet and text I added.

My next design was a floral motif on a towel to try to appeal to all bidders at the auction.  This embroidery was done with my Elna 8300 (same as Janome 350) because it has a large hoop to handle bigger designs.

I added my tag to the towels.

I also made a large tote bag and a small one using some blue duck canvas fabric from JoAnn's. I followed instructions from Emblibrary and used some designs from the internet.

Side one

Side two

I followed the tote bag directions exactly for the larger bag because I made it first.  It used serged seams.  Fot the smaller bag  I flat fell the seams to give it a cleaner look.

Interior seam large bag

Interior seam small bag

It has been busy here,  hopefully my donation makes some money and my bags get good use.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Skinny Khaki Pants Redo, Part Two

I finally became motivated to finish my skinny khaki pants redo.  I only had the waistband and hem to finish, but somehow I couldn't look at these pants.  I like to sew, but adjusting patterns takes patience and know-how.  I have patience,  just short on know-how. Then I realized after looking at my blog it had been a month since I worked on them, so I decided I better get going.

If you remember, I am trying to make Simplicity 1286 pants more wearable for me by using some techniques in Singer, Sewing Pants that Fit.
Original pattern

The pants were way too skinny for me, so using my Singer book and suggestions from my readers, I made some adjustments to the pattern.  I like the results.  However, a little more tweaking is needed.

I used a size 38 with a size 36 waist, I shortened the darts, I made a real welt pocket, and I lined-up the belt loops better.  These were tips from my readers.

I also lengthened the rise, lengthened the legs, and adjusted the seat.  These were tips from my Singer book.

Lengthen rise

Lengthen pant legs

Tighten Seat

Here is what my redo looks like.

The pants are comfortable and getting closer to my liking, but a little more adjustment in the crotch length is needed.  Since I bought this material for $1 a yard, it is very affordable to work with.  I was only able to get enough for two pants because it was a closeout.  Hopefully I get the fit wanted with my next try.

I have been sewing these with my White 305 sewing machine.  It is a semi-industrial machine.  It uses round-shank industrial needles and industrial style bobbin and case.  The 1.3 amp motor will plow through anything and still have a beautiful stitch.  Also the length goes to 7.  This is a great basting stitch.

White 305

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