Wednesday, July 22, 2020

2013 Revisited

My blog is a good sewing diary.  If I didn't have this blog, I wouldn't know I made Simplicity 1948 for Joe in the form of shorts way back in July of 2013.

These are his favorite, they are made out of a light-denim and have had regular use until now.  The side-seam ripped out.  So time for a new pair.

I am using some black corduroy I found in my stash.  I washed and dried it while I was ironing the pattern so I could trace it out on some tissue paper.  I am using the same size as before which is a 36" waist.

I am using the cousin of the sewing machine I used for the original shorts.  These are the only two sewing machines I have named.  I used Alice for the original, now I am using Ann for these.

Alice, a Free-Westinghouse model ALB

Ann, a New Home type F
These machines are friction drive and the wheel turns away from you instead of towards you like most machines.  Also they were originally built to take shorter needles than standard, but I adjusted the mechanism so I could use standard ones.

I don't have a zipper-foot for Alice or Ann so I used my Bernina 640 to sew in the zipper.  I also used my Bernina for the buttonhole.

I flat-felled most seams.   The outside legs were serged with my Singer QuantumLock 5.

Joe likes the way they fit.  Hopefully he gets as many years out of them as the 2013 pair.

Thanks for stopping.