Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Mystery Project-Week Seven

I am entering the home stretch.  One more week to go and my project will be done.  I am not any closer to guessing what the final result will be, except maybe a pillow case or a wall hanging.  I won't know until the final assembly next week.

This week was one embroidery  design and sewing a few pieces together.  I was not happy with the way the first design turned out, so I re-embroidered.   This one looks better I think.  I have pictures of both here for you to see.

Two Side By Side

The Discarded One

The One I Kept

Beetle Made A Few Weeks Ago

This Week's Project

I am happy the end is near, not that it hasn't been interesting.  I just want to see what San Francisco Stitch Co.  has in mind for this mystery project.  It has actually been a very fast seven weeks.  

Thank you for sticking with me through this.   With week eight starting in a few days, the climatic event will soon be over.

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Passport Holder

I was intrigued by a passport holder made by David at Design Close Up.  Even though my passport has not been used for travel yet, I thought this would be a cute and quick project to get me ready to travel.

David has an excellent tutorial for making the holder.  I decided to embroider the cover of the holder since I did not have any fancy fabric.  I used some light-blue linen fabric out of my scraps for this.  I used fusible interfacing on both liner and cover.  I downloaded some embroidery designs I thought would be fitting for a passport cover and put my Memory Craft 200 to work.  Instead of flipping the fabric around for the second design, I simply flipped the design upside down by programming the machine.

Cover and liner, each 6" by 8 1/4"
Now time to iron and finish the pockets so I can baste to the liner.
Pocket fabric, each 3" by 6"

Fold, Iron, and Sew hem

Pockets basted to liner
Now the liner is ready to be sewn to the cover with the "good" sides facing.  Sew a 1/4" seam all around, except for a few inches so the holder can be turned inside out.

Sewn together and corners clipped

Back View

Turned inside-out with opening folded to be sewn up
Once I turned the holder inside-out, or maybe it is outside-in?   I edge stitched around the whole holder to sew up the opening and finish it.

Passport inserted

This truly was a fun and quick project.  If I travel it will be a conversation starter.  If I don't travel it will keep my passport company.
Finished Cover

Bernina 1005

Thank you David for the instructions and inspiration.  For the original tutorial please go to Design Close Up.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rural Boys Go To The City

Joe and I haven't been to San Francisco in over ten years even though it is less than 3 hours by car to get there.  We have been near there, like Monterey, Carmel, and Napa. But no need to go.

This summer some Impressionist Paintings are on loan from The National Gallery in Washington D.C. to The Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco so we decided it would be worth the trip. It was one of our mini amazing-races.  Yes, mini not many!  We took a bus from Sutter Creek to Sacramento, then we took  a different bus to get to the Greyhound station.  Then we took Greyhound to San Francisco.

Once in San Francisco we took the Muni to within walking distance of our lodging.  We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast near Dolores park, which is only a few blocks from The Castro with a lot of restaurants, shops, and bars.  So you see why I call it an Amazing Race.  For those of you not familiar with The Amazing Race, it is a TV show where the contestants race around the world doing tasks before they can go on to the next location. Only difference with us is we didn't receive a million dollars for winning.

The Legion of Honor was our main purpose of going.  We were there all day.  It is truly magnificent.  Not only the exhibits, but it is on top of a hill where looking one way you see the Golden Gate, and looking the other way you see the downtown skyscrapers.  I am glad we took a lunch for a picnic.  We had a great view and didn't have to eat the $10 hot dogs in the cafeteria.

Pictures weren't allowed in every exhibit.  Here are some of my favorite exhibits I could take pictures of.

French Mansion Salon

Clock from Mansion

Jesus answering question about taxes.

Geometry in Use

Lekythos from before Christ

Great Clock
 And in the Impressionist showing; my two favorite Renoir's.
Madame Henriette
by Renoir

Madame Monet and her Son
by Renoir
Of course, a trip to San Francisco would not be complete without some shopping.  So the day after the museum we went to Union Square.  I am wondering who pays $600 dollars for a shirt?  That is what Neiman Marcus charges.

We went to Britex Fabric.  Which has been in San Francisco since 1952.  Lots of fabric and friendly clerks.
Quite a difference from the Joann or big box experience!

Next door is All Saints Co.  It is a clothing store where if you are over waist size 30, forget it.  San Francisco has extra-small shirts and pants for men in every store.  And men who wear that size!  I actually fit the norm. Quite a difference from where I live.  A lot of over-weight people in baggy pants or pajamas.
Look! Sewing Machines! And I am in a Made-By-Me Outfit!

Handsome Joe Pointing out More Sewing Machines!

Yes, All Saints has a huge display of hand-crank sewing machines.  Really the reason we went in there.
Sewing Machines Everywhere
Can I take it home?  Please?!
It was a  four day trip.  Now time to rest and get back to important things.  

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mystery Stitch-Week Six

I sure feel like I am back in College with deadlines for homework or projects.  But this is good.  It keeps me motivated to do the embroidery every week.  It takes a little motivation since I don't know what the final product will be.  When I am sewing a project for myself, I know I will have something useful to wear at the end.  With this project it might be a bag, a pillow, or a wall hanging.  Not that one of these wouldn't be useful, it is just nice to know what the end will be while I am creating.

This week was a mountain scene.  The instructions said there were a lot of threads and the machine might strain a little.  My Memory Craft 200E plowed through without a wimper.  It came out nice.  This picture is before I cut off the extra threads.

Here is what I have so far after the assembly for this week.

At least I am meeting the deadlines.  Just two more weeks for the finished project.

Thank you San Francisco Stitch Co. for keeping me guessing.

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Mystery Project-Week Five

This week was a small design which didn't take too long but turned out really nice.  It is an ancient Egyptian boat.

I still have no idea what  finished project San Francisco Stitch Co. has in mind.   Except for the Egyptian theme.

Week six is around the corner, with week eight being the finale.

If you need a reminder of how this project started, go to Mystery Project-Week One to learn more.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another "Fun Shirt"

I toned down my "Fun Shirt" this time.   It is not as fun as my embroidered "Fun Shirt".  It is from the same pattern, Vogue 6613.  I used a navy broadcloth material I purchased at Joann's for $2 a yard.  So $4 for material and $1 for buttons makes this an affordable project.  And for a side note, a Joann's is scheduled to open in Jackson, CA in the Fall.  This is a few miles from where I live so it will be super convenient to shop.

Part of the fun of this shirt was using five different machines to make it.  I used my Viking 940 to sew the decorative stitches, the yoke, and the sleeves.  I used my Singer Featherweight to stitch the sides together, the hem, and the pocket.   I used my Singer 401 and Singer Monogrammer to monogram the pocket.  I used my Brother  overlock machine to edge the side-seams and the sleeve holes.  This was necessary because for some reason I was having a terrible time with the flat fell seams.  I have done them several times before, but they did not want to cooperate this time.  So, I overlocked.  Finally, I used my Bernina 1005 for the collar, the button plackets, and the buttonholes.

Part of the reason for multiple sewing machines is because Joe and I are dividing our time between our new house and my parents.  Since the machines are split between the two, I used whatever machine I was near in the last few weeks.

The Bernina has a 6 step manual buttonhole feature.  A little threatening at first, since I am used to automatic buttonholes.  Once I measured, marked, and sewed; I was amazed.  I think the buttonholes are fabulous! Not any harder than an automatic buttonhole, just more steps.  I will be sure to use my Bernina a lot in the future.

The Singer Monogrammer is a neat device that attaches like a buttonholer and is about the same shape.  It has a box full of discs, one for each letter.  I attached it to my Singer 401 since it is a slant-shank, which the monogrammer is also.  Press the foot control and the monogrammer "writes" the letter than stops automatically.
Monogrammer and Discs

The "W" Disc
My Pocket Monogram

Yes, one of my computerized machines could have monogrammed this project, but using the old way is fun for me since I like gadgets..

Now that I have bored you with all the details it is time for the unveiling of my "New Fun Shirt"  It is a little small due to the cutting off of  my failed flat-fell seams.  I might not wear it.   It will probably hang in my closet.  However, I am going to San Francisco next week.  Maybe a skin tight shirt is the proper attire there?

Shoulder Stitching

Yoke stitching


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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bernina 1005 Sewing Machine

I wanted a newer Bernina since everyone raves about them.  I have some older ones.  Including a 530, 707, 731, and an 817.  I think these are all great machines.  However,  a more modern one would be nice to add to my collection if at a reasonable price.

While cruising eBay last week, I found a Bernina 1005 that was listed as a Berninia.  Maybe that is why it only had an hour to go on its auction , yet no one had even bid the beginning $50.  I decided to bid $51 thinking a sniper would bid it up at the last minute.  Wow, was I surprised when I won it.

It arrived.  I was made more at ease when it was my old UPS man I have known for over 25 years.  Steve is a great guy and was happy to deliver my new machine.  I haven't had Steve as a delivery man for a few years.  After we discussed old times, I unpacked my machine.

WOW!  I purchased a machine that usually goes for much more on eBay than $50.  I have been sewing and having a fun time.

This machine was manufactured in Switzerland in 1989.  It is totally mechanical and came with all the original supplies.  Several feet, the flatbed table, the owners manual,  the cover, and a brochure.
Free-Arm Machine
Top View

This machine is so powerful and smooth it is hard to believe.  The six-step buttonholer makes great buttonholes. I am using it to make the button holes on the shirt I am working on now.

I have a video on Youtube to describe it better.

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mystery Project-Week Four

Week four of the mystery project is all ready done.  It is interesting how fast time has been going.  This is an eight week project that is half-way finished.

There were actually two parts this week.  Some border pieces and a main piece.  The border was done in one piece, than cut into four and sewed end to end for the border.

Borders as Embroidered

Borders Finished
I still have no idea what the finished project will be.  San Francisco Stitch Co. has me guessing.

I am also working on a new shirt, I will be sure to blog about it soon.

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