Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Shirt for Joe

After Simplicity 8573 failed me in the last blog, I decided to make a shirt for Joe with my "goto" pattern, Simplicity 7330 in size large.

This time I am using real cotton-flannel instead of the snuggle-flannel.  A bargain price at $5 per yard.

I also decided to get in my sewing machine collection for the machine to use.  I thought a long time, then decided my Viking 190 has not been used in a while.  This is a mechanical machine from the 80s.  It has the needle stop up/down feature I like so much.  It also has a four-step buttonhole.

This shirt fits Joe like it should.

I did finish my Christmas wall hanging I started a few blogs ago.

I received recognition of being number six out of the top ten male sewing blogs. 
Click here to see the list.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Snuggle-Flannel Shirts and New Pattern Fails

Snuggle-flannel is a cotton fabric that has the design printed on it rather than woven.  This makes it low in cost.  I bought it at Joann's for $2.35 a yard.

I made a shirt with Simplicity 8427 for me.  I made size 38 and added two inches to the sleeve length.  I watched the sew along Video to refresh my memory on shirt construction.
 I used my Bernina 910.

I made one for Joe using a new pattern, Simplicity 8753. This pattern has classic, slim and modern styles .  I chose classic and I cut a size 40 in everything but the waist, that I increased to 42.

I used my White 6775.

Everything went great until Joe tried it on.  It was way too small.  It fits me!

See the difference between the shirt I made and a shirt Joe likes.

Dixie was also in disbelief.

So, two shirts for me.  A big F for the sizing on Simplicity 8753.

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