Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Burda 128 Redo, Part One

My first try at Burda Jacket 128 would have been better if I had more education in sewing.  I think it was a good start, but after learning some new skills the redo will be much better.

The videos I mentioned in my previous blog definitely have me feeling more confident.  The original jacket pattern has two side vents and patch pockets.  After watching and learning, I sewed welt pockets and a single vent.

I am using a cotton flannel material from Joann I was going to make a shirt-jacket with.  It is working great for this jacket.  It is easier to iron and is holding shape much better than the polyester material I used for the prior jacket.

My first welt pocket with a flap looks pretty good.

I feel better about this chest pocket compared to the first jacket.  I watched this video for instruction instead of using the Burda instructions.
Last time I fought with it forever.  But this time it went fast and easy.

 Handmade By Carolyn showed a flat fell side seam with vent for a shirt, but I used the method for the rear seam and vent.
Vent open

Vent closed

The inside with fusible interfacing and pockets installed.

This is what it looks like now.

I am sewing this with my Kenmore 117.959.  It is doing a wonderful job.

I am hopeful this jacket will be better than the first.  Especially since I am  following Male Devon Sewing Blazer of 2016 Challenge.

Thanks for stopping.