Friday, May 10, 2019

Pedal to the Metal

I finally did it!  I found a White rotary treadle sewing machine at a good price and in good shape.

It all started two years ago when I started looking for a treadle machine.  They were either junk, too expensive, not a White, or too far away.  I know I was being picky.

I became lucky when I saw one for sale on Facebook and only 35 miles away.  It cost $100, but I think it was well worth it.  The man selling it bought it from a storage auction where he bought the contents sight unseen.

Precious cargo
Jet Age needles

Lots of treasures in drawers.
This treadle was made in 1906.  It is in good shape for being 113 years young.
Decals in good shape

Cabinet is in good shape
Lovely iron work

I did many test sews by stitching straight lines.   Then I practiced turning corners.  It takes a little practice to get coordinated with pedaling, making sure the wheel is going the correct direction, and feeding the fabric.

My first project was a short sleeve shirt made with Simplicity 8427.  This is my "goto" shirt pattern in size 38.

It turned out not too bad.  I cheated a little by serging the seams.

I like treading, and with Pacific Gas and Electric threatening to turn off the power for fire safety this Summer, my treadle will come in handy for sewing with no power.

Thanks for stopping.