Friday, April 12, 2019

Wool Toggle Coat

I must be crazy.  I have many coats, but I decided it was time for another when I saw McCall 's 5649.  It is a unisex toggle coat from 1991, but looks like something I can sew and wear.  It comes in two lengths, I am sewing the shorter one.

I had some black wool in my stash I was going to use.  I also had some tan material perfect for the lining.  Then I looked at wool on different web pages, just to look.  I ended up buying some brown wool from fashion fabrics  This will go better with the lining.  I also bought some plaid shirting for other projects.  I purchased the toggles on Amazon.

I made a muslin for this to be safe.

This thing was huge, even though it is a medium.  The shoulder seams were two inches below my shoulder.

I started adjusting it.  I took one inch off each side seam.  I took the front yoke  pieces in one inch, and two inches off the rear yoke. This a total of four inches off.

I made another muslin.  It looked a lot better.

I then added two inches to the sleeve length before starting the real coat.

I used my Necchi SuperNova Ultra to sew it.

I followed the directions until the hand sewing of the lining to the coat.  I sewed it with my machine.

Here are pictures without the hood.

 The hood is removable.  It attaches with three buttons.

Besides the sizing issue, I like this pattern and instructions.

Thanks for stopping.