Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Vacation First, Sewing Second.

First, I must write about where I have been.  Joe and I flew to Juneau Alaska to visit his mom.  We haven't been on an actual vacation since we flew to Arkansas for a camping trip in 2004.  We have been on short trips a few hours away, like Reno and San Francisco, but nothing as long as this trip.  Also, we stayed with our friends in Sequim Washington for a few days before taking the train back home to California.  This was our version of The Amazing Race!
Joe, Judy, Me, and Mendenhall Glacier

with Karen and Larry

We were gone ten days and have been home a while, but still recouping from all the fun.  Now back to my sewing.

I wear polo shirts most of the time.  However, until now I have not found a pattern and material to make one.

Simplicity 1286 is what I made my skinny khaki pants with, and this pattern also has a polo shirt. I also found some stretch-knit material at the thrift store which is perfect for this project.

After measuring the pattern I decided to use size small and not to lengthen the body or the arms.  Since Joann's had Simplicity patterns for $1, I cut out size small and started cutting the material.


A reviewer on pattern mentioned the left placket was too small.  After looking at the drawing which called for cutting out two left plackets,  but only showing the one being used, I figured the step of sewing the two together was forgotten.  Thus I sewed the two together and folded to make a nice looking placket.

Inside view of left-placket before folding to finish

Inside view of finished placket


I used my Singer Quantum CXL to sew the seams with a straight stretch-stitch.  Then I used my Singer 7470 with dual-thread and a twin needle to sew the hems.  This gives a little stretch to the fabric and a dual stitch for a store-bought look.  I sewed standard hems, not the two-inch hem in the directions.

I like this shirt and I am sure I will make it again.

Thanks for stopping.