Monday, February 27, 2012

McCall's 6044, Chapter three

The 6044 shirt is coming along.  I sewed the pocket on with the help of my Simplicity sewing book.
A book like this comes in handy for a beginner like me.  It shows various sewing techniques and also explains terms used in the pattern instructions I don't know.  I picked this up at the thrift store.  It is over thirty years old, but the techniques are still the same, plus it is fun to look at the fashions.

A pocket has a few steps to make it look proper.   This book sure helped.

Wow!  Looks like I have a pocket.  Sleeves tomorrow.

Time for a slice of the lemon meringue pie I made today.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

McCall's #6044, Chapter two

The material was ironed and laid out on my table.  By the way, it is a folding camping table given to me by my friend Larry.  It is a great size, and folds up easily when not in use.  I pinned the pattern to the material and clipped it out.    Since the pattern comes in three sizes, I traced the small size on tissue paper to cut out the material with, so I wouldn't cut the original pattern.

I sewed the fusing to the pieces called for in the instructions with my Brother XL2600I.

That is enough for today.  More sewing tomorrow.

I was thinking of my next project already.  For some reason I thought it would be fun to sew a new dress for my Jaime Sommers doll.  Yes, I admit it.  I like the Bionic Woman.  I even met Lindsay Wagner this last summer.  She was so sweet and gracious, and of course as beautiful as ever.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

McCall's 6044 shirt, Chapter one

I purchased some patterns from on sale.  I did not think I could beat the price, so I purchased several.  The #6044 seems to fit what I want for my next project. I wanted to make the #4079, but I don't have enough fabric.  I purchased some fabric marked three yards, but when I measured it there was a little over two yards.
View A
I think this will make a very stylish shirt I can wear traveling, working, or for dinner out.  Since I wear more short-sleeve than long, I will make a short-sleeve shirt.  It is view "A" from the pattern.


Time to get out the tracing paper and scissors.

Spring is in the air

Today with the sun shining and hints of Spring in the air, I am starting to think about my next project.

Could it be shorts, boxers, or maybe a wine-tasting shirt.  The only restraint is what fabric catches my attention at the thrift store.  As I mentioned before, for a beginner like me, the thrift store is the best place to buy fabric because of the inexpensive price.  Plus, I live in a rural area and there are no fabric stores, only a big-box store that carries some fabric.

I do have some stretch-knit fabric left over from another project.  I also have some gray pinstriped fabric that would make a great dressy type shirt for work or travel.  The McCall's 4079 "three hour shirt" I have in my stash would be perfect for the gray pinstripe.  Think that will be the one.
This one might be a little easier than my first shirt with collar.  That was a McCalls. # 2149.
The 2149 turned out fine I think.  The only thing I adjusted was the starting point of the buttons.  As you can see, my preference is for less opening than the pattern called for. 

Monday, February 20, 2012


I am glad you stopped by.

I call this place Thin Man Sewing, because I am 6 foot two inches tall, and 145 pounds.

I started sewing  in December 2011 when I received a Brother XL2600I sewing machine.  I am self taught, except for the class I had when I was ten years old.  Only a 34 year hiatus.

I am having a lot of fun reading, learning, and sewing.  There are many web sites and blogs dedicated to sewing, but I thought one more wouldn't hurt.  Some of my other hobbies might be thrown in from time to time.

My first projects were some mending and sewing a cover for my sewing machine.  Then I started in on shirts.

My first t-shirt is from a pattern and material I found in a local thrift store.  It is a Sew-Knit-N- Stretch #309, from 1970.  I thought a t-shirt would be a great first clothing project since there are no collars, buttons, or zippers.  It turned out good.  It is made of stretch-knit fabric.  The stretch-stitch setting on my Brother worked great for this. I then made two more of this pattern before moving on to a shirt with a collar.