Tuesday, June 12, 2012

McCall's 4079 Shirt

I started on the McCall's 4079 shirt. This pattern has good reviews on Pattern Review. I decided to do the long-sleeve version with collar(view D) and add a pocket.   I am using some very soft white cotton-weave material I purchased at the thrift store.  It has a subtle pattern of some lines and little poofs here and there.

I usually trace my patterns onto tissue paper I buy at the Dollar store.  It is very economical.

Cutting out

Now it is all cut out and marked.  I'll start to assemble it next.

I purchased an older over-edge machine on eBay.  It was a terrific deal, including the owner's manual and the original box.  It is a Brother 523 three-thread. Once I get the tension adjusted and figure out how to use it, I'll use it on my next project.

Brother 523
See you next time.