Friday, February 24, 2023

Wool Flannel Shirt

I have some Pendleton wool shirts.  I have had them at least 30 years and paid I think around $25 for them.  Now they go for $175 at my local clothing store.  So buying the blue plaid in the window was out.  But I thought about making one if I could find the fabric cheap enough.

 I finally did it.  I purchased some wool on Etsy for $12 a yard. It is 53" wide, so the 3 yards available to purchase worked perfectly.

Then came the hard part. Deciding which pattern to use for a long sleeve shirt.  After searching through my pattern stash, I decided on Simplicity 7330 in medium with two inches added to the sleeve length.  And a squared off bottom, because I never tuck-in my Pendletons.  I also substituted a tower packet for the continuous sleeve placket.

Simplicity 7330 is my go-to pattern in large for Joe.  I decided on this pattern for me because it is not fitted, and since I always wear a t-shirt under a wool shirt, this pattern worked fine.

Once the pattern was chosen, I needed to decide which machine to use.  I wanted a straight-stitcher, so I picked my namesake, my Wilson Rotary.  This is a White that is badged Wilson.

I used Pellon 950F interfacing in the collar and collar-stand so they would be stiff.  I used pellon featherweight in the cuffs.

I sewed on the buttons with my cute Bernina 125.

Here it is, in the middle of a snow storm.

I ordered more wool fabric, so more to come.

Thanks for stopping.