Thursday, July 30, 2015

Skinny Khaki Pants

I decided to make Simplicity 1286 with some twill material I bought from  Also, I decided to move straight on to the final product without making a muslin.  I did this because none of the reviews online mentioned sizing issues.  I did add four inches to the length.  This is normal for me.

Simplicity 1286

I have been almost following the directions.  I finished the pockets with french seams, used flat-fell seams on the inside leg, and finished the fly to my liking.

I tried them on without the waistband to see if the size needed tweaking.  They fit, but more like a skinny-pant than a relaxed fit.  I continued to finish them.

The finished project could use some tweaks, but they are comfortable.  Just more like a skinny pair of pants.  I know this is the style, but my measureents are 35x29x37 and  6'2".   I don't think I need to look any skinnier.

I will say, there is no vanity sizing with these pants.  A 29 waist is a 29 waist.  I have made pants where the 29 is more like a 32.  This is usually confirmed by reviewers on

A little quirk to this pattern is a faux back pocket.  A flap is there, but no pocket.  I would have tried a welt pocket, but there is a dart, so I am not sure.  Duane from The Japanese Pattern Challenge sent me some wonderful directions for welt pockets I will have to try on my next pair of pants.  Thanks Duane!

So, the jury is still out if I will try to remake these and add some material to the backside and the legs, plus a real back pocket, or move on to another pattern.  I am not comfortable with tweaking patterns too much.

A few pictures:
I like the front pockets

Comfortable. But a little more room needed!

Faux back pocket

Inside view
While writing this I ordered a book on pants fitting.  So I might tweak these yet.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Summer Mystery Project Update

It is hard to believe it is already week six of an eight week project.  Where is Summer going?

San Francisco Stitch Co. has been doing a great job supplying these weekly embroidery designs. They have been stitching out extremely nice.

I have been using my Simplicity SE3 with the regular and the extended hoops to embroider the designs.  This has been my first time using Sew What Pro software to make the larger designs.  This is accomplished by splitting a large design into two separate ones.  With the multi-position hoop,  the machine does one part, then I put the hoop on position two and embroider the second part.  It all comes out perfect.

The software does have a learning curve, but it is so much cheaper than any other I have seen.

Here are weeks one through six:

Looking good so far.  I wonder where we are going next?

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