Tuesday, February 10, 2015

To self draft, or not to self draft?

I found a company that makes custom suits and shirts for very inexpensive prices.  Even though interesting, I decided to make my own shirt using thieir measuring guide.

You can download the guide at Modern tailor.

When I looked through my closet for my best fitting shirt I found one I made,  which happened to be Simplicity 6613.  This is fitted.  For an everyday shirt I like simplicity 7330.

When looking at their chart I fall between a XS and S on the normal fit chart.  For the slim fit chart it is more like a large.  I would hate to wear one of their slim-fit shirts.  Painted-on is what it should be called!

I decided to make the Simplicity 6613 pattern in small.  I figured why try to draw  a new one when this one does nicely?  So, not to self draft is the answer.  At least for now.

My only adjustments to the pattern are making it two inches longer, making the collar smaller, and adjusting the button placement.  I also did a rolled hem.

Using my White Sewmaster to make impeccable straight stitches, I made a short-sleeve shirt with some striped material from my stash.
Made by me outfit with my Vogue 8719 pants

Buttoned-down collar

I think this shirt came out fine.  This is the first time for me to have a different color for the collar stand.   I also did not line up the pocket stripes to the shirt stripes.

Now that this project is finished, I am starting something really different for me.  It happens to be a multicolored shacket.  

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