Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mystery Project-Week One

I have started a new embroidery project.  It is called the Mystery Stitch Project.  I found this intriguing project on San Francisco Stitch Co. . There are some beautiful embroidery projects on this site, so I am sure this "Mystery Project" will be something I will enjoy.

How this works is a new part of the project will be available on this site Mystery Stitch Projects every Friday for eight weeks.  However, a person only has the one week to download the installment for free, then it will cost a $1.49.  So if you want to do this, be sure to download every week.  The site promises scraps of fabric are all that will be needed.

I did the first installment today.  My Janome 200 was ready for the challenge.  The project took 12 different colors and stitched out quite nicely.  The people at San Francisco Stitch Co. seem to know what they are doing with programming embroidery designs.

Mystery Week 1
Looks like a little suit case.  Hmmm...  It will be fun to see what the project will turn out to be.

Just seven more weeks to find out.

Thanks for stopping.

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