Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mystery Project-Finished

The mystery project I have been working on for eight weeks is now finished.  San Francisco Stitch Co. did a wonderful job on the embroidery designs my Memory Craft 200 and I stitched out every week.

I think the final project turned out nice since I didn't know what it would be.  The last panel was a lotus flower.  I embroidered it, stitched it to the other panels, and added the border.  Remember the border was embroidered a few weeks ago.

Finished Top
I thought the instructions said to make a pillow, so I did.  When I reread the instructions I found out I was supposed to find the final assembly instructions next week.  In other words, week 9.  Probably since it was called am eight week project, in my mind this was the last week.  Well, I like the final product I have, it will be interesting to find out in a few days what I was supposed to make.

I have made pillows before, but I wanted to put a zipper on this one instead of a flap.  I found some marvelous instructions for making a pillow with a zipper in ten minutes.  Of course it took me longer, but the results were good.  Check out Scout and Nimble to see how.  I'll show you my version.

Sew the right sides of front of pillow and back of pillow together on one side.  Then turn wrong side up and iron seam open like below.

.Pin zipper right side down against ironed open seam.

 Sew zipper in place with zipper foot.

With right sides up, cut or rip out the first seam sewed.  The one holding the top and bottom together.

Et Voila!  A zipper in and finished quick and easy.

Now you have the top and bottom attached by the zipper.

Now put right sides together and sew the three sides up.  With zipper open of course.  Turn inside out and you are almost finished.  Just add the appropriated sized pillow. 

The finished pillow!

It only took eight weeks.

I used my Viking 190  to do the sewing this week.  A very fine machine.  I am sure to do a YouTube video on it in the near future.

Thanks for stopping.