Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bloggers are Smarter Than Google

In my last Blog I showed an update of my Vogue 8719 pants.  I liked them except for gaping pockets. When I Googled this problem the answer was it is normal.  However, when my Blog readers saw my problem, they quickly responded something was too tight and the pocket was being pulled open.

I pulled out the darts the pattern called for in the rear.  This took a while because the darts were under the rear pockets.   I ripped out the stitches on half the pocket so I could release the extra fabric, then I reattached the pockets.

I never felt the pants were tight.  However, this seems to fix most of the problem.  I am happy enough with the repair to continue finishing the pants.

Pocket Before

Pocket After


No Darts in Rear
 I fit the measurements of the pattern exactly, 30" waist and 37" hip.  I read that gaping pockets are a problem with men who have muscular thighs.  (I definitely don't have those.)  If my measurements are right, I now have 38" hip pants.  Maybe the combination of stretchy-polyester and non-noticing tightness is causing the problem with these pants.

I have never owned a pair of pants with side-seam pockets, so I don't have anything to compare.

Thank you Peter and Mike for the help.

Now for the waistband.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. That looks much better and a while lot more comfortable. Well done!

  2. Bingo! Stretchy fabrics in one direction or the other can alter the fitting so much...I liked the way it looked the first time around - I tend to like tight fittings - but as Peter said, it will be more comfortable and you've completely sorted out the gaping pocket.

  3. Onseam pockets often do that. No, they always do that, unless they are in something with pleats or gathers for them to hang with.

    The waistband will probably help with what little gap you have left, but they are going to gap when you sit down. It's kinda weird to see these pockets in flat front trousers, rather than an angled, faced pocket as in jeans - nothing for the horizontal pull to open up there.

    All that said - good work!