Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Fleece Jacket

 I saw some beautiful fleece on sale at Joann's and thought it would be perfect for a fleece jacket.

Originally I was going to make Butterick 5773 which I made eight years ago.

Butterick 5773

Then I saw New Look 6713 and I thought this would make a nice jacket also.  It has zippered pockets.  So a little more involved.  It called for a two-toned look, but I decided to do it all in one color.

I made a muslin in medium with two inches added to the sleeves to check the fit.  I used my Bernina 930 for this.

The shoulders were huge.  Plus, this made the sleeves too long.

I made a new muslin with the medium shoulder and armscye from the vest pattern.  Then I had to use the extra-large shoulder on the sleeves to match the body pattern.

This made for a much better fit.

I decided to make the finished jacket with my Bernina 830.

I used a 28" zipper.  The pattern called for a 29", which I could not find.  But like a review on pattern review, that would be too long.

Here it is:

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Sunday, January 28, 2024

A New Shirt Pattern : Simplicity 9858

 It seems like I make the same shirt patterns over and over again.  So, when I spotted Simplicity 9858, I decided to give it a try.  Of course I bought it on sale for $1.99.

I made view A, but added the collar from view B. I also used a tower packet on the sleeves instead of the square one in the pattern.

I used some heavy cotton material I bought at the thrift store for 99 cents.  I made size medium with two inches added to the sleeve length.

For being a shirt that says "easy to sew", it has some more involved sewing like flat-fell seams and a separate button placket.  It also has set-in sleeves.  

I used my Bernina 640 to make it.

I serged the arm holes with my Brother 523.

Here it is:

This is a heavy duty shirt, almost a shacket.

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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Christmas Shirts

 I found six yards of shirt material for $1.49 at the thrift store.  I decided I would make two short-sleeved shirts with it.  One for me and one for Joe.

Simplicity 7330 instantly came to mind as it is my goto pattern for Joe.  I made him an extra-large and me a large, just so they would be airy for the summer.

I used my Singer Touch Tronic 2010 to make Joe's shirt.  I just picked this up at Goodwill.

I used my Singer Touch Tronic 2001 to make my shirt.  I picked this up at Goodwill a few years ago, 2016 to be exact.

I used the automatic buttonholer with both of them and they both made beautiful button holes.

I used my Singer 6268 to sew a J on Joe's shirt and a W on my shirt to be able to tell them apart easily.

I think they turned out nice.

We promise not to wear them at the same time, except for this photo.

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Monday, November 13, 2023

Gray Wool Flannel Shirt

 Fall has definitely hit our area.  It has been in the sixties the last few days.  With this in mind I decided to make a wool shirt with fabric from my stash.  I used Simplicity 8427 in size 40, with two inches added to the sleeve length.

I used my new to me Singer 403 I bought at the thrift store for $3.99. What a bargain!

I used my Singer Professional Buttonholer.  It needs a zigzag machine, so my 403 worked perfectly with the width set at two.

I flat-felled the seams.  This takes a lot longer than serging them, but makes for a nice inside finish.

I have worn this shirt several times and I like it, it is warm.

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Thursday, October 12, 2023

Lap Quilt for Joe's Mom

 Joe's Mom asked me for a lap quilt, so I started on the hunt for a fitting pattern.

I like Elizabeth Hartman's patterns, but I couldn't find a lap quilt that I liked.

Then one day I was looking on Etsy and found the Cat Scratch Quilt, made by Art East Quilting Company. It could be made in two sizes, and I thought the 40" by 40" would be perfect.

Once I looked through my fabric stash, I found all but the backing and the background fabric.  Joann's had the fabric I needed, so I went home and started cutting.

I put all the pieces in individual sandwich bags with labels so I could find the piece easily once I started sewing.

Speaking of sewing, I decided to use my Singer C240 Featherweight for the piecing and my Kenmore 117.959 for the quilting.

My quilting consists of using clear thread and sewing straight lines to form a grid.

Here it is:

The best part of doing this quilt was delivering it in person to Juneau, Alaska where Joe's Mom lives.  We live in Northern California, which makes for a fairly fast flight, with a stop in Seattle, Washington.

I hope Judy gets a lot of good use out of it.

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Friday, September 15, 2023

Revisiting Islander 228 Shirt

 I have a whole lot of shirt patterns.  I like most of them and have my favorites.  One pattern I like is Islander 228.  I have had it about 5 years and I first found this pattern through a Craftsy class.  Of course I purchased the class on sale and it included the pattern.  Now the pattern is separate.

It can be purchased here.  This is a download, but a tissue pattern is also available here.

I decided to sew this shirt in medium with my White 571.  I have had this machine 8 years, but haven't used it in a while.  If my memory is correct, I think I paid seven dollars for it.

I made the button holes with my Singer Professional Buttonholer.

I used my Singer Quantum Lock to serge the seams.

Here it is in a lightweight cotton blend I had in my stash:

The back has darts

The tower packets are easy

A matching mask for Covid.

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Monday, August 21, 2023

Summer shirts

 While shopping at the thrift store I found some lightweight shirt material for $1.  I thought a while, then decided to make a short-sleeve shirt in medium with McCall's 4079.

I used my Bettina 717 to sew my shirt.

I used lightweight interfacing in the button plackets, the collar and stand, and in the top of the pocket.

I decided to serge the seams with my Brother 534.

I used my White 571 and Singer professional buttonholer for the button holes.

Here it is:

Then I made one with the same pattern and my Singer 7470.  I also serged the seams with my Brother 534.

Here it is:

I have worn both several times and like them a lot.

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