Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Camping Flannel

I bought this cute flannel with camping icons on it from Joanns.  I decided to use my go-to pattern, Simplicity 8427.  I also decided to dig into my sewing machine stash and use my Bel-Air Bantam to sew this shirt.  The Bel-Air Bantam is a Singer 99 clone( 3/4 size machine), but made of aluminum so it is only 12 pounds.

Camping flannel

Bel Air Bantam
I used my vintage Singer buttonholer, a $3 thrift store find.

I was asked how I align my plaids.

First, I do not fold the fabric for the front and back pieces.  For the front, I cut a single layer and flip the pattern over to cut the other front.  I use a rotary cutter and a ruler to get straight cuts.

right front

left front
For the back, I cut one side, remembering not to cut the side that says "place on fold".  Then flip the pattern and finish cutting.

I line up the bottom of the patterns with the same line.

left rear

right rear

I fold the fabric for everything else.
yoke cut on angle
This shirt has flat-fell seams in the armholes, but I serged the sides.



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Friday, February 8, 2019

Rock Around the Block, part two

I realized when looking at my last blog, I had not explained I was using the strip piecing technique to make the checker blocks.  This cuts down sewing and cutting a lot.

With strip piecing, long strips are sewn together, then cut into small pieces to sew back together.

Sew strips of background and color together

Cut 1 1/2" pieces off strips to sew together for checker block

Add triangles and rectangles to make blocks

Sew different colors together to make large block
After adding sashing and borders this is the quilt top.

Now it is ready for quilting.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Rock Around the Block, part one

I was straightening my sewing room and found a pattern and fabric I had purchased a few months ago, but had forgotten.  The crib size quilt pattern is called Rock Around the Block and it is by Nancy McNally.  I hate paying for patterns, but this one was so cute I paid $8 for it here.

Rock  Around the Block by Nancy McNally
The pattern calls for six fat quarters in different colors, plus one in red.  I purchased two extra colors so I can decide which ones I like best.

Here I have the fabric  I am going to use.  The white has an interesting floral pattern.

I am sewing with my Necchi Supernova Ultra.

Here I have some of the pink blocks finished.

I have many more blocks to make.

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Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Shirt for Joe

After Simplicity 8573 failed me in the last blog, I decided to make a shirt for Joe with my "goto" pattern, Simplicity 7330 in size large.

This time I am using real cotton-flannel instead of the snuggle-flannel.  A bargain price at $5 per yard.

I also decided to get in my sewing machine collection for the machine to use.  I thought a long time, then decided my Viking 190 has not been used in a while.  This is a mechanical machine from the 80s.  It has the needle stop up/down feature I like so much.  It also has a four-step buttonhole.

This shirt fits Joe like it should.

I did finish my Christmas wall hanging I started a few blogs ago.

I received recognition of being number six out of the top ten male sewing blogs. 
Click here to see the list.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Snuggle-Flannel Shirts and New Pattern Fails

Snuggle-flannel is a cotton fabric that has the design printed on it rather than woven.  This makes it low in cost.  I bought it at Joann's for $2.35 a yard.

I made a shirt with Simplicity 8427 for me.  I made size 38 and added two inches to the sleeve length.  I watched the sew along Video to refresh my memory on shirt construction.
 I used my Bernina 910.

I made one for Joe using a new pattern, Simplicity 8753. This pattern has classic, slim and modern styles .  I chose classic and I cut a size 40 in everything but the waist, that I increased to 42.

I used my White 6775.

Everything went great until Joe tried it on.  It was way too small.  It fits me!

See the difference between the shirt I made and a shirt Joe likes.

Dixie was also in disbelief.

So, two shirts for me.  A big F for the sizing on Simplicity 8753.

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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Busy with Quilts

I have been busy with quilts the last two months.  I hope to get back to sewing apparel soon.

I have been working on The Asteria Quilt which is a queen size.  I now have all the squares finished, but it might be a while until I sew them together to make the quilt since I will have to do it in the driveway so I have room to lay it out.

Here it is in the diveway.

I have also started a Christmas wall hanging.  It will have four to six squares, I haven't decided yet.

Here are two of the finished squares.

I have also been taking The Farm Girl Vintage quilt class.  We make two squares at each class.  Sometime next year there will be enough squares to make a quilt.

Here are the squares made so far.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

My shirt has gone to the dogs.

I have been quilting more than sewing lately.  But when I was buying quilt fabric  for 70% off at Joanns this week, I found some cute doggy fabric.  I thought it would be a good shirt for picnics, wine tasting, and other fun outings.  Red usually isn't my color, so this is a departure from the norm for me.  However, the thread that matched is called tomato 🍅, so not too bright.

Since this is going to be a "fun" shirt, I am using Simplicity 7330 which is my "go to" relaxed -fit shirt pattern.  This pattern has both a notched collar and a collar with stand.  I am making the collar with stand.  It will be medium size with short sleeves.

I also decided to use my Bernina 1120 to sew this shirt.  This is a wonderful machine that is smooth and powerful.

There were two events this weekend Joe and I attended.  One was a local artists show and the other was a wine tasting fundraiser for cancer patient transportation to the treatment center, which is an hour drive from us. 
Perfect places to wear my shirt.

Enjoying the event

Reading the label, must be good wine.

Joe and I enjoying event.


Enjoying the art I purchased

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