Sunday, April 24, 2022

Kwik Sew 3883 Dress Shirt

 I need a lightweight white dress shirt.  When looking in my closet I decided I had none. 

I went to JC Penney's and found none in my size.  Then I went to Macy's where the clerk measured me and decided I needed a 16 neck and a 36 sleeve.  She found me a Calvin Klein slim-fit shirt.

I told her $75 for a simple shirt was too expensive.  She quickly adjusted the price to $45.  I guess it pays to haggle!

At home, I noticed the sleeve packets were square and not pointed.  I thought this was odd, maybe just a styling feature.

Calvin Klein sleeve

I decided I would use a $12 white sheet from Wal-Mart and Kwik Sew 3883 to see if I could make a similar dress shirt.  I used size medium and added 2" to the sleeve length.

The sheet was so wrinkled even after washing, I had to press it with my Singer CSP-1  press I bought from the thrift store last year but I hadn't used much.

An interesting part of this pattern is it has a 1/4" seam allowance.  Because of this, after sewing with my Bernina 930 with a 1/4" foot, I serged the seams with my Brother 523.

Another feature not on many shirts, is a sew on button packet for the left side.  The right side is folded over as usual.   The yoke was quite small, so was the one on the store-bought shirt.

Here is my store-bought shirt modeled with McCall's 7987 slacks I made a while ago.

Here is my Kwik Sew shirt.

I haven't decided which shirt I am going to wear.  Decisions....

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Monday, February 21, 2022

Ten Years of Blogging

 Where does time go?  Yes, it has been ten years since I started sewing and blogging.

I want to thank my readers for their time spent with me.  

There were good projects and bad ones, but always a learning experience for me and hopefully you have picked up some tips, I know I have.

My first attempt at apparel was in my first blog, and in fact I still wear it.  A t-shirt made with a pattern and material from a thrift store.


My last shirt.

I started sewing with a Brother XL2600i.  It is a very good machine.

My sewing has included many vintage sewing machines.  Most of them I still have and use.  I have re-donated some back to the thrift store because they have to make me smile.  Who wants to sew with a machine with no personality?

The only machines I have ever named are Alice and Ann.  They both have lots of personality.  They are straight-stitchers.



Another machine I like is the Singer 6268 with embroidery attachment.  It does simple embroidery via plugin cartridges.

Of course, I have to mention my Berninas.  They are so smooth and quiet, with a perfect stitch.  The 707 Minimatic  is so cute, I have it pictured here.

My oldest machine is a 1906 treadle made by White.

I have many more machines, but decided just to mention a few.

A few years ago I started quilting.  I enjoyed going to class until it was cancelled due to Covid.  One quilt I did took two years.  It is my Farm Girl Vintage quilt I did in class.

A quilt top I have done now, but I am waiting for Spring to make into a quilt because I do it in the driveway.


Now working on shirts again.  I should have another blog soon.

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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Another Flannel Shirt and Another Singer

Time for another flannel shirt.  I decided I wanted it a little more fitted, so I used Simplicity 8427.  I made it in size 40 with two inches added to the sleeves.  I used size 40 because otherwise it is too fitted.

I found in my old blogs that I used Simplicity 2741 many times.  I like this pattern, but I substitute the tower-placket for the continuous-placket on the sleeve cuff.  Interesting thing is I used a small with two inches added to the sleeve with this pattern and it fits fine.

I used my new to me Singer 237. I bought it from Goodwill.  It was made in 1969 and is one of the last all metal machines made by Singer.  It uses a class 15 bobbin. It must not have been used in years, because it was seized-up when I got it and I needed to really lube it up.  Now it runs and sews great.  The only minus on this machine is the presser-foot doesn't lift up real high, making it difficult to sew thick fabrics or use a buttonholer.

I bought several different plaids from Joann's during the Super Friday Sale.  I decided to use a blue one which has lines in it, but not too much plaid.

I inserted lightweight interfacing in the button plackets and the pocket top.  I used heavy interfacing in the collar, collar stand, and cuffs.

I used my Greist buttonholer for the button holes.

Here it is.

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Thursday, January 6, 2022

McCall's 7638 Shirt-Jacket

 After completing the muslin in my previous blog, I dove into making the real one.  I am making figure A in large with one inch added to the sleeves.

I am using my Bernina 930 to sew it using some flannel I bought while visiting Joe's mom in Juneau, AK.  The sherpa lining was ordered from Joann's.

I am glad I decided to make a large,  it fits fine with the lining.  The only thing I did different from the directions is to add interfacing to the front plackets.  Otherwise I followed the directions, even the cuff opening on the seam.  Yes, a very simple pattern.

We had some snow, this shacket was plenty warm in the 32 degree weather for the photo shoot.   It might be more of a jacket with the super-warm sherpa lining.

Time for another project.

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Friday, December 3, 2021

McCall's 7638 Shirt-Jacket Muslin

 I have been sewing a quilt the last few months.  So now it us time to start sewing apparel again.  I am sewing McCall's 7638, which is a shirt-jacket or a "shacket".

I am making figure A,  it has a collar and is lined.  I bypassed on this pattern until I saw this picture in a Joann's advertisement.  It doesn't look anything like the drawing on the pattern.

While visiting Joe's mom in Juneau, AK last month, I went to their Joann's to see what they had.  It is a far bigger one than here by our house.  I ended up buying some beautiful blue flannel for this pattern.  I then ordered the blue sherpa for the lining from Joann's when we arrived home.  Everything on sale, of course.

I decided to make a muslin in large with two inches added to the sleeves to see how it fits using my Bernina 930 sewing machine.

The muslin fits fine but I think I will only add one inch to the sleeves of the shacket.

You can see the plaid I am using in the picture.

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Sunday, August 22, 2021

I Can't Resist A Bargain

 I mention all the time in this blog how much things cost me.  I am a bargain hunter, so when a true bargain comes along I get excited.

Joann's had Simplicity patterns for 99 cents, so I bought several.  One of them I bought was a pattern for a Henley shirt and pants.

Simplicity 11085

Then a week later when I was in Wal-Mart, I found a precut  2 yards of a beautiful stretch knit In lovely red for $2, perfect for the shirt.  The matching thread cost me more than the material.

Of course I had to sew it on a vintage machine.  This time I picked my Singer Diana.  It has some stretch stitches, so it was perfect for this shirt. It is an electronic machine from the 1970s.  I bought it two years ago from the thrift store for $3.25. The plastic gears that were crumbled cost $10.

Once I traced the pattern onto tissue paper, I started to sew.  I had not worked with knit fabric in a long time.   I found sewing with a ballpoint needle and using the straight-stitch plate and foot kept from having skipped stitches or the fabric being sucked down the plate opening.

The Diana has a two-step button hole program that made it easy to get the buttons on.

It is a comfortable shirt.  I am glad I made it.

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Friday, August 6, 2021

Butterick 2124

 After watching some educational sewing videos put out by on YouTube, I decided to try Duane's "go to" shirt pattern.  This is Butterick 2124 from the 1960s.

I bought my pattern on Etsy .  A couple of the pieces were pretty fragile, so I copied them onto Swedish Tracing Paper.   This was also recommended by Duane.  The paper is tough but opaque so copying is really easy.  I purchased a 16 neck pattern because this equals size 42, which should fit Joe.  When holding the pattern up to a recent shirt, I realized the only difference was the Butterick was two inches longer.  I decided to move ahead with the shirt without modifying the pattern.

I used my Bernina 1120 to sew this shirt.

This pattern is a little more difficult than modern patterns.  The left and right fronts are different because the right has a sew-on placket and the left simply folds over.  The instructions call for sew-in facing, but I used Pellon 881 fusible.

It also has a small yoke.  When doing the burrito method to sew on the inner yoke, a person really has to roll everything tight.

The hem is a rolled-hem, so I used my Bernina's rolled-hem foot to make quick work of it.  

Joe likes the shirt and the matching mask.

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