Thursday, November 8, 2018

Busy with Quilts

I have been busy with quilts the last two months.  I hope to get back to sewing apparel soon.

I have been working on The Asteria Quilt which is a queen size.  I now have all the squares finished, but it might be a while until I sew them together to make the quilt since I will have to do it in the driveway so I have room to lay it out.

Here it is in the diveway.

I have also started a Christmas wall hanging.  It will have four to six squares, I haven't decided yet.

Here are two of the finished squares.

I have also been taking The Farm Girl Vintage quilt class.  We make two squares at each class.  Sometime next year there will be enough squares to make a quilt.

Here are the squares made so far.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

My shirt has gone to the dogs.

I have been quilting more than sewing lately.  But when I was buying quilt fabric  for 70% off at Joanns this week, I found some cute doggy fabric.  I thought it would be a good shirt for picnics, wine tasting, and other fun outings.  Red usually isn't my color, so this is a departure from the norm for me.  However, the thread that matched is called tomato 🍅, so not too bright.

Since this is going to be a "fun" shirt, I am using Simplicity 7330 which is my "go to" relaxed -fit shirt pattern.  This pattern has both a notched collar and a collar with stand.  I am making the collar with stand.  It will be medium size with short sleeves.

I also decided to use my Bernina 1120 to sew this shirt.  This is a wonderful machine that is smooth and powerful.

There were two events this weekend Joe and I attended.  One was a local artists show and the other was a wine tasting fundraiser for cancer patient transportation to the treatment center, which is an hour drive from us. 
Perfect places to wear my shirt.

Enjoying the event

Reading the label, must be good wine.

Joe and I enjoying event.


Enjoying the art I purchased

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Friday, August 17, 2018

Star Quilt

I decided to make a quilt using the free quilt pattern "Land of the free" found here.  The instructions are good.  I did bind it as taught in class, not as the instructions showed.

Joann's had patriotic material on sale for 70% off for the 4th of July.  So this is a very patriotic quilt.

First I had to make the center star.

 Then the middle star.

Then I assembled the large star points.

Next I assembled the  large middle points.

Then everything was sewn together to form the large centerpiece of the quilt.

Sixteen small red stars and four large blue stars were made.

I ended up with this

I sewed all the squares with my Singer Featherweight.  

I quilted it with my White 305.

I attached the binding with my Necchi Supernova Ultra.

After quilting and binding, here it is. 78 inches square.

The back has patriotic dogs.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A new machine and a new shirt.

I shop the local thrift store at least once a week.  Sometimes I find cloth or a sewing machine.  Most of the time I strike out.

I was lucky this week to find an Elna Super in very good shape and some blue cloth perfect for a shirt.

This is my first  Elna.  I am surprised how smooth and quiet it runs.  I did have to download a manual to see how the buttonhole mechanism works.   It has a few built -in stitches and also takes cams, which there was one in the machine.

Case looks like a typewriter

Nice looking free-arm machine

Open flap to access decorative stitches and cam shaft

Half of the case becomes a table
I made my "go to" shirt pattern, the simplicity 8427 which I wore to a quilt show in Reno.

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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Stacked Lap-Quilt

I was inspired by a quilt that looks like the squares are stacked instead of simply sewn together.  It can be seen here.  A block is made, then cut into quarters so they can be mixed around to make the stacked look.

I recorded the cost of everything because I have been told I can donate quilts to Hospice or other charities.  I don't think my quilting skills are there yet.  But it helped me see the cost of my new hobby.

The timing was right, because Joann's had 75% off fat quarters(22" by 18" fabric piece).  I bought 20 for a price of  $12.45.

I also was lucky to find some 100% cotton for the backing at Wal-Mart for $2.50 per yard for two yards, totaling $5.

I had a bolt of batting I bought when I started quilting.  I could say this is stash, but I'll set the cost at $3.

The binding was made from fabric leftover from a previous quilt.

Adding everything up, it is roughly $21 for this 48" by 60" quilt, even with all supplies bought on sale.

I used my Singer 6268 for the project.

Finished quilt
I quilted it by stitching in the ditch.  Thus, a nice grid  pattern on back.
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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Denim again!

The Kwik Sew 3504 shorts I made in size small we're too tight for my liking, so they were folded up and put away.

I liked the medium pair of jeans I made a while ago so much, I decided to try it again in medium and see if I could tinker a little bit with the waist size.  The medium was a little large.

In my stash was some heavy denim for this pair of jeans.  Armed with the denim and my White 793 I started to sew.

I like to French seam the pockets for a finished look.  I serged the leg seams.

I used my Singer 6268 for the fleur-de-lis design on the rear pockets.

The waist is still a little large, but I think after a few washings it might shrink.

I had fun making these.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Dog Days of Summer

I like the Kwik Sew 3504 jeans I made a few months ago quite a bit.  I wear them almost everyday.  Part of the liking is the soft denim material and the other part is the loose fit. I made a medium, so I wear a belt to keep them up.

I wanted to make a second pair, but only had enough material to make a pair of shorts.  Since Summer is coming I thought this was a good idea.  But these will be made in size small.

The title of the blog hints to what I am embroidering on the back pockets with my Singer Futura.  A Westie and a Poodle.  Since we have one of each, I thought  this appropriate.  Our poodle is black, but I did the embroidery in white so it would show up better.

I am using my Necchi BU to sew the shorts.  I have had this machine a few years, but have not  used it because it is so heavy.  It did a wonderful job with the denim, never whimpering a bit.

These shorts are smaller than I thought they would be. The medium size was too big, and the small is too small.  Joe thought I made a youth size.  Maybe next time I will cut between a medium and a small.

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