Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Kwik Sew 3504 Jeans

 I was away from my sewing machine for three weeks.  This was due to a record-setting snow storm.  Joe and I got out of the snow and went to stay with my mom.  Once the snow melted and the power was back on, we returned home.

During my sewing hiatus I bought some denim on EBay.  It was 60" wide, so I purchased two yards at $10 a yard.  The denim brought to mind Kwik Sew 3504.  This is my goto jeans pattern in medium with three inches added to the inseam.  I used the straight leg version.

Once the material and pattern were picked, I needed a sewing machine.  I decided on my Free-Westinghouse model SL.  This is an import from Japan unlike my other Free-Westinghouse that are made in Illinois.

I used my Singer 6268  with embroidery attachment to put the Fleur De Lis on the rear

I used my Singer Quantum-lock five to serve the leg seams.

I used my Bernina 840 for the top-stitching.

Here they are:

I should get some good wear out of these.

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Friday, February 24, 2023

Wool Flannel Shirt

I have some Pendleton wool shirts.  I have had them at least 30 years and paid I think around $25 for them.  Now they go for $175 at my local clothing store.  So buying the blue plaid in the window was out.  But I thought about making one if I could find the fabric cheap enough.

 I finally did it.  I purchased some wool on Etsy for $12 a yard. It is 53" wide, so the 3 yards available to purchase worked perfectly.

Then came the hard part. Deciding which pattern to use for a long sleeve shirt.  After searching through my pattern stash, I decided on Simplicity 7330 in medium with two inches added to the sleeve length.  And a squared off bottom, because I never tuck-in my Pendletons.  I also substituted a tower packet for the continuous sleeve placket.

Simplicity 7330 is my go-to pattern in large for Joe.  I decided on this pattern for me because it is not fitted, and since I always wear a t-shirt under a wool shirt, this pattern worked fine.

Once the pattern was chosen, I needed to decide which machine to use.  I wanted a straight-stitcher, so I picked my namesake, my Wilson Rotary.  This is a White that is badged Wilson.

I used Pellon 950F interfacing in the collar and collar-stand so they would be stiff.  I used pellon featherweight in the cuffs.

I sewed on the buttons with my cute Bernina 125.

Here it is, in the middle of a snow storm.

I ordered more wool fabric, so more to come.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Shirt for Joe

 I decided to make Joe a flannel shirt using Simplicity 7330 in large.  This pattern fits him best, it is my go-to pattern for him.

Simplicity 7330

The flannel was in my stash.  I bought it last Christmas at Joann's for $4 a yard, quite a bargain.

I used my Bernina Record 830 to sew the shirt.  It is a very smooth machine.  

I like the six-step Bernina button hole more than the five-step on the 830, so I used my 1011 for the button holes.

Bernina 830

Bernina 1011

Here it is:

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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Bernina-O-Rama, Second Edition

 I did it again.  I admit it has been 5 years, but I found three Berninas on Ebay.  Two are a little harder to find than the third.  

The first is a 717.  It is a flatbed 3/4 machine built in 1971.  I got a deal because it had a cracked cam gear.  Those are readily available and easily replaced.  So I repaired it.  Now it sews a beautiful stitch.  

A manual for it is available from Bernina here.

It is a beautiful machine.  It came with a box of feet and the manual.  It is hard to tell it is over 50 years old.

The second is a 125.  This cute little all metal machine was built around 1953. It is the first zig zag machine.  It uses regular low-shank feet.  I did not realize how small the machine is. I got a deal on this one because it needed the belts replaced.  The belts were a little harder to find, but I ordered them from England and the machine is now sewing great.

A manual is available here.

It came in the original case with a box of feet also.

The third is a 830 Record.  I don't know why, but I was the only one to bid on this machine.  In fact, I was the only one to bid on all these machines.

This machine was triple-boxed and packed wonderfully.  Upon inspection, it needed a belt also.  But this one I was able to get easily on eBay.

It is a beautiful and smooth machine.  It didn't come with any feet, but I have quite a few.  It did come in its red case, table, and knee lifter included.

A manual is available from Bernina here.

It was built around 1977.

I have many Berninas and they all make me smile.

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

McCall's 6087 Jacket

 I tried my luck with another jacket pattern.  This one is McCall's 6087 from 2010.  It is a unisex pattern with either patch pockets or flaps.  I decided to add welt pockets with a flap.

I used my Bernina 840 Favorit to sew the first muslin in medium.  It came out very form- fitting, so I decided to try a large.



The large definitely fit better, so I continued making a large jacket with two inches added to the sleeve length.  I used a wool I purchased from Fashion Fabrics Club. I  interfaced the fronts with a lightweight interfacing, even though the pattern didn't call for any.

I used my Kenmore 117-959 to make this.

I  made the pockets using Pam Howard's instructions on Craftsy.  I used the pocket flap and bag pattern from McCall's 7818.

Once the pockets were made, the body was sewn together.  I worked with the sleeves a little, but they finally went on without any puckers.  Then the shoulder pads were sewn in.

Here it is now at this step.  Next comes the lining.

The lining went in fine.  The only hand stitching was the hem and the sleeve cuffs.

I used my White Buttonholer with my Kenmore for the button holes.  I used my Bernina to sew on the buttons.

The instructions were very good throughout this pattern.  

Here it is finished, with a made by me outfit of pants and shirt made this year.

It is a very simple jacket that will be good for a casual outing.

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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Beehive Quilt

 I have been working on the Beehive Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman.  

Her quilt has a gray background.  Mine has a blue background.  I purchased a Layer Cake (a stack of 10" x 10" squares) from Cali Quilt Company in Sacramento to make the bees.  All the other fabric I bought at my local Joanns.

I made the small quilt that has 25 bees and is 59" x 63".  The large quilt has 38 and is 71" x 73".

I made it with my Singer C240 Featherweight.

I quilted and bound it with my Necchi Supernova.  I quilted it by stitching in the ditch with matching thread.

Here it is:

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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Christmas in July

 I bought some Christmas motif snuggle-flannel last winter when it was on sale.  I stashed it away and forgot about it until I found it when straightening my stash.  I think I will make a shirt now so it is ready for the Holidays.

This will be perfect fabric for Simplicity 2741.  I use small and add two inches to the sleeve length.  This pattern has a continuous-lap sleeve placket, so I substitute a simple tower placket from another pattern.

I am using my Domestic sewing machine I bought at Goodwill a few years ago and can't believe I never blogged about it before.  It is friction-drive and the handweel goes away from you.  It is the same as a White Rotary, so I used my White buttonholer.

I decided to serge the seams with my Homelock  523.

It turned out bright and festive.

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