Monday, July 21, 2014

A Suit in My Future?

I started sewing a pair of  Vogue 8719 slacks.   This pattern has a sport-coat and a pair of slacks.  The title of this blog means to imply if the pants go well, I will try the coat.  I have been thinking about slacks for a while, since I haven't made any type of pants since last summer.  Funny how a year slips away.  I have done shirts, a winter coat, and lots of crafts this year.

I am actually sewing a wearable muslin.   I am using size 36(30 inch waist) and adding 4 inches to the length.  The material is from my stash.  I am using some cocoa colored polyester material for the slacks.  If  I like the slacks, and want to continue, I will find something to make a muslin for the coat from.  Once the muslins are done, I have some beautiful lightweight-gray wool-blend material to make both. Of course, all my material and zipper are from the thrift store.

I copied the pattern  to tissue paper Saturday.  I cut out the material yesterday.  Today I started sewing.  I am using my Brother XL2600 for this project.  The zipper-fly is the first to be sewn.  It turned out quite well.  I followed the directions exactly.


Zipper Front

Zipper Rear

Zipper Opened

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the project turns out.

In other news,  I could not help myself again.  This was a Goodwill purchase.  Since my first name is Wilson, I could not pass up my namesake sewing machine.

It purrs like a kitten. It is made by White.  That is all the information I could find.  I have no idea who Wilson was.  A department store?  A man wanting a sewing machine named after him?  It is a mystery for now.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Hey, Wilson -- great job on the fly. That zipper looks perfectly placed and your curved seam is beautifully done. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished pants.

    And what a great find. That looks like a White 41. I bet it's strong. And the case looks like it'll be great with some TLC. I've been wanting a White 77 but I may spring for one of these if I can find one.

    1. Thank you for the help. I found White 41s were made between 38 and 42, so my Wilson must have been made at the same time.

  2. Peter got you too, huh? My jacket pattern came in the mail on Saturday and the slacks pattern came in yesterday. I guess we're both hooked. Enjoy. I haven't even picked a fabric for the muslin yet. Lane

  3. Good luck with the Vogue pattern, sounds like 2 exciting projects in one, I'm sure you'll be fine...and now that you have a sewing machine with your name on it, you're ready for Thin Man Sewing to be in business anytime soon :)

    1. When I find a Thinmansewing sewing machine I might go into business. Ha!

  4. I've found a scan of a newspaper article from 1920 advertising the Wilson Rotary Electric, but it's earlier than this one and looks nothing alike--it still has the fancy decals and spoked handwheel, with that very primitive foot-shaped foot control and external motor that looks like it could power a mixer. I didn't realize that White was using that badge for so long.