Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Changing Fashion

I have finally become adventurous enough to make a two-tone shirt.  My wardrobe has always been conservative.  Venturing out to this type of fashion is a lot for me.

I have changed from store-bought medium shirts to made-by-me small shirts.  I now wear small size shirts because I can make them long enough for me.  I used to wear medium shirts for the length, but they were too big.  I am also trying different colors.  I used to wear horizontal stripes to hide my thinness, but now I don't.

I don't know if this is part of getting older, or part of sewing for myself.  But it will be interesting to see where it goes.

This shirt is McCall's 6613.  I made it before for my "fun shirt"  Then I made it a second time, but I messed up the seams and it ended up being too small.  I can wear it,  but I don't think I will.

Fun Shirt

I Look Super-Thin in This Shirt
My "go to" shirt pattern before this was Simplicity 7330.  I still like this pattern, but the 6613 is  fitted, so it now has a place in my "go to" box also.

I decided to use some light-blue broadcloth for the body and some dark-blue for the collar and trim.  This shirt came together nicely, and I am sure to make more two-tone shirts in the future.

I made the shirt with my Viking 190, including the buttonholes.  This is a mechanical machine except for the needle up/down setting. I find the automatic up/down needle to be helpful.  I used flat-fell seams on the sides, and over-edged the armscyes.  I did write Thinmansewing on the pocket with my Memory Craft 6000.

Made-By-Me Outfit

Enjoying Window Shopping

A Bowling Shirt?

Thanks for stopping.


  1. That's the best version. Love the contrasting collar, pockets and sleeve bands...goes very well with your pair of shorts. Your best shirt as far as my taste goes!

  2. What a great shirt. It has a retro style and it looks like it fits you perfectly. And the embroidery advertisement is a nice touch. I wish I could sew a shirt like that. Someday...

  3. You look great in those new shirts. My favorite outfit is the dark blue shirt with the striped shorts. Good job!

  4. Love the shirt. And the shorts too. Your into hipster territory. Keep it up. can't wait to see more.

  5. Nice work! You say thin, but I see trim.

  6. And to think thar Max, our poodle, tried to steal each photo. You look great, as does your shirt !!