Friday, July 11, 2014

My Refashion Tale

Once upon a time Wil decided to start sewing.  Thus he needed a sewing machine, a pattern, and material.

Santa was kind and thoughtful.  He brought Wil a Brother XL2600 for Christmas.  After hemming some jeans and making a cover for his machine, he decided it was time to make a shirt.  But with the prices of fabric and patterns so high at his local Box store he didn't know what to do.

Wil's Prince Charming came to his rescue.  He said to go to the thrift store, they would be sure to have some fabric and patterns for a low price.  Being a Doubting-Wil, but wanting to please his Prince Charming, he went to the thrift store.

Wil was amazed by the stacks of fabric and patterns at low prices.  He found a T-Shirt pattern and some material he liked  at an amazingly low price.  Just what he wanted!

Wil made two short sleeve shirts, then decided to make a long sleeve.  Wil wore the short sleeve T-Shirts often, but the long-sleeve was tucked away in the closet because Wil thought the sleeves were too short.

Wil made many more shirts and sewed with many machines and forgot his long-sleeve shirt

Two years went by....

It seems in Fairy-tale land everyone knows each other.  David's Fairy Godmother told Wil's Prince Charming a Refashion was in order so the forgotten long sleeve shirt could see the sun once more.  But first Wil had to watch a Craftsy Video on how to sew with a double needle on stretchy fabrics.  Then his Brother XL2600 worked a miracle.

The Refashion was a success!

Original long sleeve shirt

Double-needle stitch

Refashioned to short sleeve

Now Wil and his Refashioned short sleeve shirt are living happily ever after.....

Thanks for stopping.


  1. I'm glad my fairy godmother travelled all this way to suggest this idea to you - surely, she must be a time traveller - the short-sleeves version is so much better!