Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mystery Project-Conclusion

The Mystery Project from San Francisco Stitch Co. was finished last week, except for the revealing of what their project looked like.  I revealed my project last week, and I like mine more.  Theirs has ruffles around the edge, which makes it too busy for me.

My Pillow

Stitch Co.'s Pillow
The only thing to do this week was embroider the label. Their label turned out better.  I am not going to re-ebroider, I am simply not going to use the label.  If  I want to label it, I will make my own simple label.

My conclusion is it was a great project and I will be sure to do the next one when it comes out.

Thanks for stopping.

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  1. I agree, I like yours better. The ruffle takes away from the details on the front of the pillow. Great job!