Friday, July 25, 2014

Closer To A Suit

My Vogue 8719 pants are nearing the finish line.  I need to put on the waistband,  buttons, and hem the cuffs.  I am happy with the way they look except for the gaping side pockets.  On my next pair I will follow some online instructions for side-seam pockets that aren't supposed to gape.  Did I say next pair?  Yes, even if the coat doesn't turn out, I like these pants enough to make them again

Here are some photos.  Remember, no waistband.


Nice Rear Fit

Another Angle

Gaping Pocket

Thanks for stopping.


  1. What do you think the cause of the gaping is? Are they tight in the front or in the seat?

    1. They are not tight. I think it is the pocket design. I see there are endless ways to do non-gaping pockets on the internet, so I assume it is a regular problem. The reviews of this pattern mention the gaping pockets.

    2. So Peter, do you have a favorite method for side-seam pockets?

  2. I sympathize with your gaping pockets, as I'm facing (no pun intended) a similar issue with the pants I'm currently sewing with the Jedediah Pants pattern from Thread Theory.

    I think Peter might have the right idea. If you pin the pockets shut, you should get some pull lines somewhere showing where the pattern is tight. If you enlarge the pattern in that area, it might clear up the gaping pockets. Good luck.

  3. The fit on those pants in the seat & front are nice. The pockets do gape a bit.
    I hope you can fix or live with it. Can't wait to see finished product