Saturday, June 21, 2014

Rural Boys Go To The City

Joe and I haven't been to San Francisco in over ten years even though it is less than 3 hours by car to get there.  We have been near there, like Monterey, Carmel, and Napa. But no need to go.

This summer some Impressionist Paintings are on loan from The National Gallery in Washington D.C. to The Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco so we decided it would be worth the trip. It was one of our mini amazing-races.  Yes, mini not many!  We took a bus from Sutter Creek to Sacramento, then we took  a different bus to get to the Greyhound station.  Then we took Greyhound to San Francisco.

Once in San Francisco we took the Muni to within walking distance of our lodging.  We stayed in a Bed and Breakfast near Dolores park, which is only a few blocks from The Castro with a lot of restaurants, shops, and bars.  So you see why I call it an Amazing Race.  For those of you not familiar with The Amazing Race, it is a TV show where the contestants race around the world doing tasks before they can go on to the next location. Only difference with us is we didn't receive a million dollars for winning.

The Legion of Honor was our main purpose of going.  We were there all day.  It is truly magnificent.  Not only the exhibits, but it is on top of a hill where looking one way you see the Golden Gate, and looking the other way you see the downtown skyscrapers.  I am glad we took a lunch for a picnic.  We had a great view and didn't have to eat the $10 hot dogs in the cafeteria.

Pictures weren't allowed in every exhibit.  Here are some of my favorite exhibits I could take pictures of.

French Mansion Salon

Clock from Mansion

Jesus answering question about taxes.

Geometry in Use

Lekythos from before Christ

Great Clock
 And in the Impressionist showing; my two favorite Renoir's.
Madame Henriette
by Renoir

Madame Monet and her Son
by Renoir
Of course, a trip to San Francisco would not be complete without some shopping.  So the day after the museum we went to Union Square.  I am wondering who pays $600 dollars for a shirt?  That is what Neiman Marcus charges.

We went to Britex Fabric.  Which has been in San Francisco since 1952.  Lots of fabric and friendly clerks.
Quite a difference from the Joann or big box experience!

Next door is All Saints Co.  It is a clothing store where if you are over waist size 30, forget it.  San Francisco has extra-small shirts and pants for men in every store.  And men who wear that size!  I actually fit the norm. Quite a difference from where I live.  A lot of over-weight people in baggy pants or pajamas.
Look! Sewing Machines! And I am in a Made-By-Me Outfit!

Handsome Joe Pointing out More Sewing Machines!

Yes, All Saints has a huge display of hand-crank sewing machines.  Really the reason we went in there.
Sewing Machines Everywhere
Can I take it home?  Please?!
It was a  four day trip.  Now time to rest and get back to important things.  

Thanks for stopping.

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  1. Legion of Honor to see the Impressionist Paintings was worth the trip. Finding clues and traveling thru many distinct areas of San Francisco by bus, stopping and seeing interesting folks come and go with their own clues... all in fashions only seen in a city.
    Then A Fabric store five stories high, we both being greeted on every floor by friendly staff.
    Not sure who can afford the price of clothes we saw.

    The Amazing Race we finished first, as others are still traveling finding clues, and what a fun trip with my handsome man.

    Question: Do skinny Jeans make a tall person look shorter, or a short person look shorter?