Saturday, June 7, 2014

Bernina 1005 Sewing Machine

I wanted a newer Bernina since everyone raves about them.  I have some older ones.  Including a 530, 707, 731, and an 817.  I think these are all great machines.  However,  a more modern one would be nice to add to my collection if at a reasonable price.

While cruising eBay last week, I found a Bernina 1005 that was listed as a Berninia.  Maybe that is why it only had an hour to go on its auction , yet no one had even bid the beginning $50.  I decided to bid $51 thinking a sniper would bid it up at the last minute.  Wow, was I surprised when I won it.

It arrived.  I was made more at ease when it was my old UPS man I have known for over 25 years.  Steve is a great guy and was happy to deliver my new machine.  I haven't had Steve as a delivery man for a few years.  After we discussed old times, I unpacked my machine.

WOW!  I purchased a machine that usually goes for much more on eBay than $50.  I have been sewing and having a fun time.

This machine was manufactured in Switzerland in 1989.  It is totally mechanical and came with all the original supplies.  Several feet, the flatbed table, the owners manual,  the cover, and a brochure.
Free-Arm Machine
Top View

This machine is so powerful and smooth it is hard to believe.  The six-step buttonholer makes great buttonholes. I am using it to make the button holes on the shirt I am working on now.

I have a video on Youtube to describe it better.

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  1. OMG, that is the deal of the century!

  2. That's a steal! How lucky you are...well done Wil!

  3. Nice video demo. The way the six-step buttonhole works is very clever. What a great deal you got!

  4. Great deal...I sew your video on the singer 6268. I just got myself one. However the needle doesn't pick up the bobbin thread. Is there anyway you could help me with this? Thanks.