Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another "Fun Shirt"

I toned down my "Fun Shirt" this time.   It is not as fun as my embroidered "Fun Shirt".  It is from the same pattern, Vogue 6613.  I used a navy broadcloth material I purchased at Joann's for $2 a yard.  So $4 for material and $1 for buttons makes this an affordable project.  And for a side note, a Joann's is scheduled to open in Jackson, CA in the Fall.  This is a few miles from where I live so it will be super convenient to shop.

Part of the fun of this shirt was using five different machines to make it.  I used my Viking 940 to sew the decorative stitches, the yoke, and the sleeves.  I used my Singer Featherweight to stitch the sides together, the hem, and the pocket.   I used my Singer 401 and Singer Monogrammer to monogram the pocket.  I used my Brother  overlock machine to edge the side-seams and the sleeve holes.  This was necessary because for some reason I was having a terrible time with the flat fell seams.  I have done them several times before, but they did not want to cooperate this time.  So, I overlocked.  Finally, I used my Bernina 1005 for the collar, the button plackets, and the buttonholes.

Part of the reason for multiple sewing machines is because Joe and I are dividing our time between our new house and my parents.  Since the machines are split between the two, I used whatever machine I was near in the last few weeks.

The Bernina has a 6 step manual buttonhole feature.  A little threatening at first, since I am used to automatic buttonholes.  Once I measured, marked, and sewed; I was amazed.  I think the buttonholes are fabulous! Not any harder than an automatic buttonhole, just more steps.  I will be sure to use my Bernina a lot in the future.

The Singer Monogrammer is a neat device that attaches like a buttonholer and is about the same shape.  It has a box full of discs, one for each letter.  I attached it to my Singer 401 since it is a slant-shank, which the monogrammer is also.  Press the foot control and the monogrammer "writes" the letter than stops automatically.
Monogrammer and Discs

The "W" Disc
My Pocket Monogram

Yes, one of my computerized machines could have monogrammed this project, but using the old way is fun for me since I like gadgets..

Now that I have bored you with all the details it is time for the unveiling of my "New Fun Shirt"  It is a little small due to the cutting off of  my failed flat-fell seams.  I might not wear it.   It will probably hang in my closet.  However, I am going to San Francisco next week.  Maybe a skin tight shirt is the proper attire there?

Shoulder Stitching

Yoke stitching


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