Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mystery Stitch-Week Six

I sure feel like I am back in College with deadlines for homework or projects.  But this is good.  It keeps me motivated to do the embroidery every week.  It takes a little motivation since I don't know what the final product will be.  When I am sewing a project for myself, I know I will have something useful to wear at the end.  With this project it might be a bag, a pillow, or a wall hanging.  Not that one of these wouldn't be useful, it is just nice to know what the end will be while I am creating.

This week was a mountain scene.  The instructions said there were a lot of threads and the machine might strain a little.  My Memory Craft 200E plowed through without a wimper.  It came out nice.  This picture is before I cut off the extra threads.

Here is what I have so far after the assembly for this week.

At least I am meeting the deadlines.  Just two more weeks for the finished project.

Thank you San Francisco Stitch Co. for keeping me guessing.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Keeping on with the same just need a holiday to Egypt now :)

    1. Egypt would be fun. I would have to stop in France first to taste Champagne

  2. I've enjoyed seeing these. I have been downloading so it is neat to see what they look like together all done.