Saturday, August 31, 2013

My "Mini Photo-Shoot"

After seeing how many bloggers do some sort of photo-shoot rather than simply taking a picture of their new creation, I decided I should do one.
However, Since I am not much for imagination, I thought I would start out small.  Thus the "Mini Photo-Shoot"
 Also, this is not a new creation, but an old one.  I am wearing a shirt I made for Joe.  I think it looks good on me and he does too.
Joe wearing shirt

Me playing tourist in shirt

Max getting pets with me in shirt
Joe and Max playing tourist
I realize it is unfair to compare a photo-shoot shirt to a posed picture, but I do look good.
As I said, not much for imagination.  So just playing tourist in my home town.

When I finish my 40s shirt I hope to have a bigger "shoot".

Thanks for stopping.


  1. I'm glad you had fun with this and the shirt looks great!

  2. Yes, hard to give up a favorite shirt, but you wear it with style!

  3. Nice work on the shirt. Seeing the photo shoots is fun but I think Max is stealing the show. He looks like a great little buddy.

  4. You and Joe look great in your shirts and playing tourist. It looks like your home town is a fun one to visit.