Sunday, August 11, 2013

Lounge Pants for Joe and New Machines

This is the first time for a sewing project in a few weeks.  However, I haven't been absent from the sewing world.  I purchased two vintage machines.  I have been busy oiling, cleaning, researching, and adjusting them.

The first one is a Free-Westinghouse model 52f.  It uses a vibrating-shuttle.  I have been wanting a vibrating-shuttle machine to play with, and I like this one very much.

The second is a Singer 404.  I have been wanting a 404 for a while, and this pristine example came along.

I will blog about them in the future.  The blog for today is about some lounge(pajama) pants for Joe using McCalls 5511 for the pattern.

I am making them with some soft cotton-blend material I bought at the thrift store.  I am using my Brother machine and Pfaff serger.  I used both flat-fell and serged seams.  All they need now is the elastic-casing, elastic and to be hemmed.  I'll need to take a few measurements of Joe and then I will be able to finish them.

Here is a peak at them.


Here is the team used today.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Taking a sneak peak before they are finished

  2. I like the red pinstripe fabric you chose for the PJ's.

  3. Those PJs look comfy and I like the color.

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  5. I can hardly wait for the cool weather to start wearing them, and then the final touches done..champagne needed!