Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back to 1945

I finished my McCall 5863 shirt pattern that was made in 1945.  I used my Singer 404 for the shirt and my Kenmore 1050 for the buttons and buttonholes.  The shirt has flat-fell seams.  Instead of two pleats at the yoke like most shirts, this one has the fabric gathered.  Thanks to my 404's gathering foot, this was a snap. 

I am glad I had my 1959 Simplicity Sewing Book to help me along the way.  The instructions in the pattern were a little brief. 

I thought it would be fun to take my time-machine back to 1945.    

I made it.  Here is my casual look.
A General Store

Think I'll go in

Checking out the building

Less smog to look at in 1945
Going to Church?

Looks like I am on Time


Back to the present time

I like this shirt a lot. I wore it to coffee after my time travels, so I am quite tired right now, time for a rest.

Thanks for stopping.   


  1. Great going back to 1945 with you. Great looking shirt!! Where is the champagne?

  2. This is seriously good work Wil! And your pics perfectly capture the mood of the era (I particularly pics 1,2, 7 & 8)...really well done!

    1. Thanks. My favorites are the same ones. The one with the pipe I think is pure 40s. You inspired me to do the photo shoot. So, thanks again.

  3. A fun post and a nice looking shirt! I especially like the good fit in the shoulders - sleeve/shoulder seam isn't half-way down towards your elbow like so many casual shirts of today are designed.

  4. Great photoshoot. Lots of fun. And, the shirt looks great. Lane

  5. What a fun post. You look great! The shirt does have a 40s feel to it. At first I thought this was going to be a post about your Dad!

  6. This is great! You really made me smile. Love the shirt.

  7. That shirt really looks good. Also I think the blue colored fabric was a good choice for this type of shirt. It is what I would guess a working man in the 1940's would look like.

    Also the photos are well done.

  8. Nice shirt. Good fit. Good job. It looks comfortable.