Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My New Additions

I decided to post pictures of my new machines. 

This is my Kenmore 158.10500.  I bought this one at Goodwill several months ago.  I see examples of these "small 158" machines on Ebay all the time.  However, this model I have not seen.   There is no tension knob like the 1030 and the 1040. It has a thumb wheel and the thread slips between two discs under the top.  A small, but heavy-duty machine from the mid 70s with a plastic clam-shell case and all accessories.

My next machine recently acquired is a Singer 404.  It has a wooden case covered in vinyl.  This is a straight-stitch machine built in 1959.  This machine is gear driven and quite a looker and sewer.  The attachments and owner's manual were included.

The next machine is a Free-Westingouse 52F.  It was made around 1950 by the Standard Sewing Machine Company, but badged for Free-Westinghouse.  I have wanted a vibrating-shuttle machine to play with.
This one is 3/4 size and comes in a wooden case covered in blue vinyl.
I am thrilled to have another Free-Westinghouse.  I might have to name this one since it is related to Alice.

Look at the unusual friction drive.

It also has this strange spring drive bobbin winder.  The spring is attached when wanting to wind the bobbin.

My last find I purchased yesterday is a Necchi model BU.  This was also a thrift store find.  I wasn't going to buy any more machines for a while, but this was too interesting to pass.  I did pass on a Singer Touch and Throw and a newer Necchi made in Taiwan.  This one was built between 48 and 50 in Italy.  It has a bent-wood case, the attachments, and the manual.  What a heavy machine!  I am afraid to weigh it, it might break the scale.  It is one of the first zig-zaggers in the US.  I cannot believe how smooth this machine is.  When reading reviews online, all I can find are reviews of high praise. 

Enough of new machines.  Now I just need to decide what machine to use with my next project.

My next blog will be the finish of Joe's lounge pants.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Great machines! I hope your Free-Westinghouse had a decent shuttle and a couple of spare bobbins. Have you used a vibrating shuttle before?


    1. The Free-Westinghouse has a perfect shuttle. Only the one bobbin, but I think Singer bobbins will fit. It does take a 20x1 needle. But I just put in a regular needle which is shorter, and adjusted it down.
      Thanks Wil

  2. The weight of each of these machines in comparison... going to the gym is not needed, all you need is the Necchi model BU !

  3. Congratulations!! These are some great machines.

    The little Kenmore is a great travel machine. It's essentially an updated 158.1030. Just be careful with the pattern selector knob on top - it's chrome plated plastic and is known to break if you're not gentle.

    The Singer 404 is a classic! One of the best horizontal rotary machines Singer ever made - just like it's big sisters, the 403 and 401, and it's cousins, the 5XX family of Singers.

    I don't know much about the Free Westinghouse, but it looks like a good durable machine. Glad you know about the trick in lowering the needle - gives you access to all the various needle types available today for specialty sewing.

    And, of course, the Necchi BU. One of my all time favorites! Yes, it is a beast. If the motor ever burns out, consider installing the heavier duty consumer motor. It will make this machine more like an industrial..... it's already heavy as one! ;-)

    Enjoy your new machines!
    Steve, the "Bobbin Doctor"

    1. I have seen the Necchi compared to Berninas. All I know is it is heavy and smooth.
      Thank you for the input.

  4. Beauties! Trying out "new" machines is always so much fun. I've heard Necchis are great sewing machines but have never tried one.