Monday, August 26, 2013

Man's 1945 Sports Shirt Pattern, Part Two

Deciding to make the McCall 5863 pattern from 1945 started me on a learning trail.  I have started down this trail and I haven't cut pattern or fabric yet.

I decided to take the pattern out of the envelope and trace it on tissue paper.  This is a one size pattern.  It has small only. To my surprise, the pattern was already in pieces.  I thought it was cut.  Then with closer examination I surmised this is the way the patterns from this era came.

There is what the instructions call a "margin" on the pattern that you simply cut through when cutting the fabric.  The "margin" is simply the extra paper around the cutting lines.  Since the "margin" is still intact, this must be an uncut pattern.

Another interesting thing is it comes with both a long and short sleeve pattern piece.  Not like today where one sleeve pattern is included and the user cuts it long or short depending on the type of shirt made.

Pattern as it came out of the envelope.

Hopefully I can find a vintage pants pattern so I will have the 40s look when finished.
I am not sure I have enough "hip" for the look.

I have a 1959 Simplicity book with instructions on making a Man's Sports Shirt.  This should help in the process.  Pretty close to the same construction.  The 40s shirt has a bigger and floppier collar.

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  1. I almost never cut a pattern anymore. Like you're doing I trace it. I can make as many tracings as I want so if they get damaged its no big deal. Lane

  2. I trace also. It's too easy for me to have an oops moment when cutting out if I meant to do some creative cutting or fitting. I feel really free with the trace to draw in or slash and tape any changes I want as I know I can retrace if I want to go back to the original or use a different size.

  3. As I've become older, and hopefully wiser, I've enjoyed more of the slow processes involved in sewing. Things like basting, sewing on buttons by hand, and, tracing pattern pieces for the reasons previously mentioned.

    I'm no longer in such a rush to FINISH a project. I wouldn't say that I languish, rather, I focus on and enjoy both the task and the journey. In the process I've discovered the quality of my work has improved immensely as has the enjoyment I get out of it.

    So, YES! Take the time to cut out the pieces, and enjoy the process, too!

  4. You are a tall, long-legged person. I am thinking that the high waisted trouser might not do you a service. Then again, nothing ventured...

  5. A second vote for thinking about the high trouser style, but as always, wear what pleases you. Sounds like you want the 40s vibe above all.

  6. I Think you can totally pull off that look. It will just require very "drapy" fabrics. I'm thinking rayon.

  7. I thought I recognized that photo of the guy holding a newspaper... The same photo is in the 1958 Simplicity sewing book too. That book (and a few others) was in the cabinet of my Singer when I bought it. It must have been a popular book back then.

  8. The Simplicity book was in my 1959 Kenmore when I bought it. So I assume it was purchased around the same time as the machine. Fun finding the "treasures" in old machines.

  9. Another fan of vintage menswear patterns. It will be fun to see what you come up with for fabric. May I please help myself to a muffin while I'm here?passkit student ID card

  10. Muffins are all gone. Thank you for your interest.