Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vogue 8801 size issues

I thought the pants were coming along, just a few issues with the zipper.  But since this is my first pair of pants to make, I figured there would be some bumps in the road.  However, once the fabric started to look like pants, I realized they were way too big.  I looked again at the size chart to make sure I was making the right size.
Vogue 8801 Size chart

If I am doing it correctly, the size 36 I chose would make a 30" waist. But, look at the size difference between a pair of pants I wear and the pants I am making.  I have not seen any reviews on these pants, so I am not sure if the pattern is wrong, or if I am wrong.

I measure a 40" waist.  Almost 10" larger than what I was making and what I wear.  I am going to cut them apart and cut a bunch of material off, and re-sew.  This will teach me two things:   to measure the pattern to see if it is the size I want before I start and also how to cut down clothes to fit.

 The pants are looking nice,  I like the pockets.  Hopefully I can make them fit. Time to get out the scissors.

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