Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vogue 8801 jeans saga continues

The only store that sells fabric near my house is the big-box store.  The closest fabric store is an hour away.  At least luck was with me and Joe had an appointment near the Joanns fabric store.  In Joanns I received some good advice from a home-economics teacher who was shopping too.  She said many patterns are sized wrong, so to make sure they will fit you.  And, once you get a pattern you like, keep making it.  She also told me to tear the whole pants apart and to not simply take them in from the sides.  (good advice)
Needless to say, I did a lot of cutting and re-sewing yesterday and today.  Now I  have a pair of pants I can put on and they look like pants.  I have not completely finished yet.  I still need to hem the legs, put on the button, and the belt loops.
My first impression is the rear view looks like the yoke is too long.  The front looks in proportion.  The pants are comfortable.  I have been wearing them for about an hour now, even without the button.
One more thing I have learned from this project is not to do patterns there are no reviews about.  I have no idea if the issues I have had are my own issues or the pattern.
I am making chicken soup for dinner, so better go check the soup.

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