Sunday, April 22, 2012

Vogue 8801 Jeans

I finally decided to take the plunge and jump from shirts to pants.  I purchased a Vogue 8801 jeans pattern from the Vogue website for $3.88.  I think it was a great price.  I haven't seen any reviews on this pattern.  Since it has a copyright of 2012 , maybe there aren't any reviews yet, so I will review it as I go along.

I have a 29" waist and a 34" inseam. It has been almost impossible to find pants in my size in the last several years.  For some reason I used to be able to get them anywhere.  So I guess if this project works out, I will be making my own pants from now on. I am making the size 36 which has a 30" waist. I believe this will work the best, because I don't want to squeeze into the 28" waist pattern.  I also decided to make the straight-leg, instead of the boot-leg.

This project started because I found some great material at the thrift store.  It is a brown lightweight-denim.  Then, I went to Walmart to buy the thread and zipper to match(Dogwood is the color).   I think those two items cost more than the fabric.  I haven't decide on the button yet.

First, I washed and ironed the fabric.  Then I cut it out with the pattern. The pattern and instructions seem straight forward.
The first thing is to make the front pockets.  I had some brown sheet material leftover from my pajamas, so I used that for the pocket liner.


That is enough for today.  And of course, nothing is more fun than going to the thrift store in my 1958 Lincoln Premiere.


  1. I just found out about your blog today so I will be watching for more articles. Nice t-shirt. I have trouble getting clothes to fit as well-similar body type but I do mostly alterations to get things to fit. Thanks for your efforts here.

  2. Just found you today and am impressed with how quickly you've progressed with your sewing skills.

    I'll be checking in to see how you are doing.

    BTW, I agree with your assessment that driving to a Thrift Store in your Lincoln is the coolest and best way to go!! You need a vintage sewing machine to go with it!!