Monday, April 9, 2012

McCall's 5511 Pajama Top

The McCall's 5511 pajama top made with a brown flannel sheet is done. It fits great, and looks like a 70s top for going to the Disco.  I like it.  I wonder if I wore it to town if anyone would realize it is a pajama top?

The instructions were a little sketchy on the collar, but I figured  it out.  When I look at other pictures of this top on, the collar looks less formal.  It lays down flat like a casual shirt.  I like the way mine turned out with a more formal looking collar.
top close-up

I think I am going to make another t-shirt now.  I found some great fabric at the thrift store.  I will use the same pattern I used before, the Sew-Knit-and-Stretch 309.  However, this time it will be in size large to fit Joe.  The sizing runs small on this pattern, the medium I made is more like a small, so I will assume the large will turn out like a medium.

This green striped material should look great.

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