Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Three Steps Forward

I actually sold two sewing machines on eBay and gave one to the local thrift store.
I thought I was gaining some room, and working on my SMAD(Sewing Machine Addiction Disorder).
The three steps forward were quickly cut by two steps.  A friend of my mother gave me two machines.  The woman delivered them to the door instead of letting me pick them up.  I assumed they would be portables.
I now have a Singer 15-91 and a White Rotary in cabinets to make room for.  I received them in clean and shiny condition
They both sew great.  Dating them; the Singer is 1955 and the White is 1927.  Mother's and Grandmother's machines?

The Simplicity 3708 jacket is coming together.  I will have more on it next time.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Oh, wow! Beautiful older machines -- love them. I don't have the White model but I do have a 15-91 and it's great.

    Seems that anytime I try to make progress reducing my hoard, another few machines come along. Enjoy them!

  2. That cabinet is gorgeous! I wish I had it! Beautiful machines.

  3. Love those machines. You scored, unless you were trying to make more room. Some say they like the 15-91 more than the 201. The White is basically a Singer isn't it? They are very similar to me.