Thursday, March 5, 2015

Shirt Mania

I have been a sewing maniac lately.  Shirts flying out of my sewing machine as fast as my fingers can move.  Also, I have been putting some of my machines on Pinterest

I am not sure if it is because the weather has been cold, I have new machines to test, I have nice fabric to use, new patterns, or maybe a combination of all?

Anyway, I purchased some flannel fabric from Joann's at 60% off, plus a 20% off coupon, plus a buy $10 get $5 off coupon.   I used my buttons from Wawak ($2.95 for a gross).  This shirt was very reasonable to make.

I used my new favorite pattern,  Simplicity 1544. I used the size 36, and I lengthened the sleeves two inches.  I also made a rolled-hem, this gives the shirt a more RTW look.  The only gripe I have with this pattern is the length of the collar stand.  This is my second shirt with this pattern and I have had to make the collar stand longer than the pattern makes.

This is a luxuriously-soft flannel. The kind that feels like you have had it for years.  I haven't made a shirt with such a prominent plaid, so matching the pattern was quite a struggle. Even with help from several books on pattern placement for plaids.   The back and yoke line up.  The front to yoke does not.  But still looks good. I used three yards for a two yard pattern, to line things up.

I used my Brother SE270D to make this shirt.   I used my White SewMaster and butonholer for the buttonholes.

I overedged the seams and sewed them down for a flat-fell look.

Brother 523 HomeLock
Brother SE270D

White SewMaster 611

Max helping me get warm.

Maybe my shirt making mania is over.  I am not sure what my next project is.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Don't stop your shirt making mania... It's very inspirational and I am almost ready to make one for myself. The collar part scares me :( !

  2. I find collars a challenge, too. And it is really difficult to match a plaid of the back and the yoke, probably because there is a degree of ease involved. My solution is to cut the outer yoke on the bias, centering a V of plaid with the center back. I'm not the most experienced shirt maker but this has worked much better than trying to match a pattern.
    Keep up the shirt production!

  3. Great-looking shirt and I love that White Sewmaster. I'm envious of your skills and tools!

  4. Very nice shirt and fabric! Maybe I'll break down and do dh a summer shirt;am definitely doing me a couple. I used to mostly sew down the serged seam finishes on my husband's shirts which he would wear as outdoor work shirts until they disintegrated after a long time so I can say for a fact those finishes outlast the shirts. I generally would tack the serger thread ends when I topstitched and do an actual hem on the shirt as I liked how they looked. I can flat fell but the serge finished seams are so much faster for me. Unless I was doing a really expensive shirting, I would probably not bother with the flat fell for a work shirt. I did order the wawak buttons you posted and some other things like a pen oiler and a large bottle of machine oil along with a serger variegated thread tray when I made an order so thanks for posting the link for the buttons.